California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Youth Crusades of America, Inc.
Youth Cultivate 2000
Youth Cultural & Social Council
Youth Cultural Arts Foundation
Youth Culture Exposure Educational Development Foundation, Inc.
Youth Department, Inc.
Youth Developing Discipline Through Martial Arts and Fitness
Youth Development Academies of America, Inc.
Youth Development Agency
Youth Development Center
Youth Development Community Center of San Diego, Ca.
Youth Development Corporation of Los Angeles County
Youth Development Council
Youth Development Enterprises
Youth Development Foundation
Youth Development Fund, Inc.
Youth Development Industries
Youth Development Institute Inc.
Youth Development Network
Youth Development Partnership Program, Inc.
Youth Development Program
Youth Development Project, Inc.
Youth Development Systems, Incorporated
Youth Development Through Performing Arts
Youth Development Zone
Youth Development, Inc.
Youth Direct Inc.
Youth Direction Program
Youth Directives
Youth Disc Golf Association
Youth Diversion Project of Los Angeles
Youth Diversion Services, Inc.
Youth Donations
Youth Dream Basketball Foundation, Inc.
Youth Edge Coalition
Youth Education & Scholarship Foundation
Youth Education and Safety for Kids, Inc.
Youth Education Assistance Fund
Youth Education Corporation
Youth Education Employment Services
Youth Education Motivation Program
Youth Education Scholarships Foundation
Youth Education Services for Young Adults - the New Socioeconomic Literacy Project (Nslp)
Youth Education Services, Inc.
Youth Education Sponsors
Youth Education Sports Inc.
Youth Education Sports. (Yes)
Youth Education Systems, Inc.
Youth Education Systems, Inc.
Youth Education, Football and Cheerleading Associatin of San Bernardino, Inc.
Youth Education, Inc.
Youth Educational and Mentoring Foundation
Youth Educational and Training Organization
Youth Educational Awareness Club
Youth Educational Foundation, Inc.
Youth Educational Independent Opportunities Unlimited
Youth Educational Service Foundation, Inc.
Youth Educational Services (Yes)
Youth Educational Services Foundation
Youth Educational Services Foundation, Inc.
Youth Educational Sports Scholarship, Inc.
Youth Educational Sports, Inc.
Youth Educational Stairway
Youth Educational Support Services, Inc.
Youth Emergency Services Camp
Youth Emerging Successfully, Inc
Youth Empire Services, Inc.
Youth Employment & Academic MANAGEMENT-Y.E.A.M.
Youth Employment Opportunities of Santa Ana, Inc.
Youth Employment Organization
Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.
Youth Employment Project
Youth Employment Service of Crescenta Valley
Youth Employment Service of Santa Barbara
Youth Employment Service of Santa Maria
Youth Employment Service of the Harbor Area, Inc.
Youth Employment Service of Western Contra Costa County
Youth Employment Services Program
Youth Employment Solutions
Youth Employment System of San Mateo County
Youth Employment Systems
Youth Empowered Action
Youth Empowered for Success (Yescorp)
Youth Empowered to Succeed
Youth Empowering Services
Youth Empowering Systems
Youth Empowerment & Crisis Prevention, Inc.
Youth Empowerment and Liberation Project
Youth Empowerment Institute, Inc.
Youth Empowerment International