California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Young Ones' Theatre Inc.
Young Optics Inc. Usa
Young Owners of Land & Air, Inc.
Young Pacific Economic and Trade International, Inc.
Young Paik Enterprise, Inc.
Young Painting, Inc.
Young Pakinstan League Club of California, Inc.
Young Pakistan League of America
Young Paradise, Inc.
Young Patrol Service, Inc.
Young Peolpe's Voters Club of Los Angeles, California
Young People Against Violence
Young People and Company of Corcoran, California
Young People for Young People (The Alternative Choice)
Young People Going Straight Multipurpose Educational Center Inc.
Young People of America
Young People of America, Inc. Which Will Transact Business in California as Ypa, Inc.
Young People of Watts Incorporated
Young People United Together Youth Center
Young People's Alano Club
Young People's Chamber Orchestra
Young People's Christian Society
Young People's Community Association
Young People's Fellowship Round Up for Christ Church and School
Young People's Hebrew Association
Young People's Opera Association
Young People's Organization, Inc.
Young People's Pastime and Aid Society
Young People's Pentecostal Mission Inc.
Young People's Performance Group, Inc.
Young People's Press
Young People's Project
Young People's Recreation Camp, Inc., Ltd.
Young People's Search for Solutions
Young People's Society of Soul Development
Young People's Symphony Concerts
Young People's Symphony Orchestra Association
Young People's Training and Placement Services, Inc.
Young Peoples Christian Association
Young Peoples Corp., Inc.
Young Peoples Development
Young Peoples Operetta Guild
Young Peoples Village
Young Peoples' Institute of the Arts
Young Peoples' Surgical/medical Group, Inc.
Young Performers Institute Incorporated
Young Performers International
Young Performers, Inc.
Young Performing Artist Alliance
Young Performing Artists of Los Angeles, Inc.
Young Performing Artists' Foundation
Young Persia, Inc.
Young Petroleum Corporation
Young Pharmars Inc.
Young Physical Therapy, Inc.
Young Physicians Charitable Foundation
Young Physicians Organization
Young Physicians Organization
Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Young Pilots of Sonoma
Young Pine Corporation
Young Pio, Inc.
Young Pioneers Preschool, Inc.
Young Plastics, Inc.
Young Plastics, Inc.
Young Plumbing, Inc.
Young Plus Cosmetics and Health Products Inc
Young Plus, Inc.
Young Politicians of America
Young Poong America, Inc.
Young Poong Electronics Co., Ltd.
Young Power (Usa) Co., Inc.
Young Premiums, Inc.
Young Presidents Organization Graduates, Inc.
Young Presidents Organization, Barbary Coast Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization - Beverly Hills Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization California Coast Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization Inc. - Golden West Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc.
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc.
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc. - California Inland Empire Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc. - California Southwest Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc. - Sf Bay Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc. -- Los Angeles Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc. -- Malibu Chapter
Young Presidents' Organization, Inc.--Santa Monica Bay Chapter
Young Printers Incorporated
Young Printing & Process Co. Of Orange County
Young Printing Company, Inc.
Young Production Co., Inc.