California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Volunteer Vital English
Volunteer Welfare Service, Inc.
Volunteer Yatra, Inc.
Volunteer's Fast Food, Inc.
Volunteers 4 You!
Volunteers for a Safe Glendale
Volunteers for Catholic Charities
Volunteers for Children
Volunteers for Democracy
Volunteers for Drop-Outs, Incorporated
Volunteers for Healthcare Today, Inc.
Volunteers for Improvements in Education and Technology
Volunteers for India Development and Empowerment
Volunteers for Institutional Aid
Volunteers for Integration of Ethnic Traditions
Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals, Inc.
Volunteers for Interamerican Development Assistance
Volunteers for Israel, Inc.
Volunteers for Jess Unruh, Inc.
Volunteers for Minerals
Volunteers for Older Americans
Volunteers for Outdoor California
Volunteers for the 1996 Athens Olympiad
Volunteers for the Blind and Visually Handicapped, Inc.
Volunteers for the Multipurpose Senior Center
Volunteers for Useful Communications
Volunteers for Veterans Foundation
Volunteers in Africa Foundation
Volunteers in Asia
Volunteers in Community Effort
Volunteers in International Service and Awareness
Volunteers in Medicine- San Francisco
Volunteers in Medicine-San Diego, Inc.
Volunteers in Parole of San Diego, Inc.
Volunteers in Parole of Santa Clara, Inc.
Volunteers in Partnership With the Sheriff
Volunteers in Police Service Inc.
Volunteers in Probation, Inc.
Volunteers in Service to Aviation Safety
Volunteers in Victim Assistance
Volunteers Inc., of Pomona Valley
Volunteers of Africa
Volunteers of America Community Education and Development Corporation
Volunteers of America Greater Sacramento and Northern Nevada, Inc.
Volunteers of America Health Services