California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Vineyard Oaks Owners' Association
Vineyard of Enlightenment, Church of Metaphysics, Incorporated
Vineyard of Faith Lutheran Church and Ministry
Vineyard of Faith--East Sacramento
Vineyard of Harvest International Missions Incorporated
Vineyard of Hope
Vineyard of the Rooster, Inc.
Vineyard Opportunities, Inc.
Vineyard Ops. Inc.
Vineyard Outlet, Inc.
Vineyard Oxnard, Inc.
Vineyard Painting & Renovating Inc.
Vineyard Painting and Remodeling, Inc.
Vineyard Palm Desert, Inc.
Vineyard Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Escondido, California, Inc.
Vineyard Park Maintenance Corporation
Vineyard Park of San Jose Homeowners Association
Vineyard Park Owners' Association
Vineyard Pastoral Music Ministry
Vineyard Pathology Associates, Inc.
Vineyard Pediatric Medical Clinic, a Professional Corporation
Vineyard Place Homeowners Association
Vineyard Plastering, Inc.
Vineyard Plaza Merchants Association, Inc.
Vineyard Pools, Inc.
Vineyard Presbyterian Church
Vineyard Prison Ministries, Incorporated
Vineyard Productions Ltd.
Vineyard Products Protective Association
Vineyard Professional Center, Inc.
Vineyard Professional Real Estate, Inc.
Vineyard Professional Services, Inc.
Vineyard Properties Corporation
Vineyard Properties of California
Vineyard Properties of California
Vineyard Properties, Inc.
Vineyard Property Owner's Association
Vineyard Racing Stables Inc.
Vineyard Ranchos Condominium Owners Association
Vineyard Realty
Vineyard Realty, Inc.
Vineyard Restaurant Corporation
Vineyard Restaurant, Inc.
Vineyard Roofing, Inc.
Vineyard Roofing, Inc.