California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Veterans Aid League
Veterans Aid Services Inc.
Veterans Alliance of Southern California, Inc.
Veterans Alliance of the United States of America
Veterans and Associates Service Club of California
Veterans and Auxiliary Hall Association
Veterans and Families Foundation
Veterans and Seniors Legal Services, Inc.
Veterans Anonymous
Veterans Appliance Service Inc.
Veterans Army Unit Fecld Klo 8240 Usa
Veterans Assistance Center of Sacramento
Veterans Assistance Center, Inc.
Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc.
Veterans Assistance League
Veterans Assistance League Inc.
Veterans Assistance Network Information Technology, Inc.
Veterans Association
Veterans Association Northern California, G.A.R.
Veterans Association of Korean Army Southern California, Usa
Veterans Association of North County
Veterans Association of Southern California
Veterans Association of the 316th Field Battalion of the 91st DIVISIONU.S.A.A.E.F.
Veterans Bar Association
Veterans Baseball
Veterans Benefits Aid & Assistance, Inc.
Veterans Benefits Insurance Services
Veterans Better Built, Inc.
Veterans Building and Welfare Commission
Veterans Business and Professional Men's Association, a Corporation
Veterans Business Resource Council of Southern California
Veterans Business Transformation Group, Inc.
Veterans C.A.R.E.
Veterans Cab Cooperative, Inc.
Veterans Cab Corporation
Veterans Cab Drivers Social Club
Veterans Cable Television Station Technology Resource Development Communication Systems Auxiliary Foundation World Wide, Inc.
Veterans Cabs of Southern California
Veterans Care and Share, Inc.
Veterans Care Coordination, Inc.
Veterans Care of America, Inc.
Veterans Care Project of California, Inc.
Veterans Career Opportunities
Veterans Center for Law and Justice
Veterans Center for the Performing Arts
Veterans Charities, Inc.
Veterans Charter Associates, Inc.
Veterans Chiropractic Legion
Veterans Choice Financial Services, Inc.
Veterans Civic Association of California
Veterans Claims & Assistance Program
Veterans Club of Burbank, California
Veterans Club of Tuolumne
Veterans Coalition League of California
Veterans Combined Forces
Veterans Command Assistance
Veterans Communication Installation, Inc.
Veterans Communication Services, Incorporated
Veterans Community Association of Downieville
Veterans Community Services
Veterans Community Support Network, Inc.
Veterans Con Tec, Inc.
Veterans Construction & Environmental Inc
Veterans Construction & Environmental, Inc.
Veterans Construction & Remodeling, Inc.
Veterans Consultancy Services
Veterans Corporation
Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality, Redwood Empire
Veterans Council on Housing
Veterans Counseling Center
Veterans Crisis Life-Line
Veterans Crisis Programs
Veterans Day Association of Santa Ana, California, Inc.
Veterans Defense Foundation, Inc.
Veterans Delivery Service, Inc.
Veterans Democratic Club of San Francisco
Veterans Discount Jewelry
Veterans Distributing Company
Veterans Distribution & Supply, Inc.
Veterans Economic and Training Service
Veterans Economic Transition Service
Veterans Educational Training Services
Veterans Educational Training Services
Veterans Educational Transitional Services, Inc.
Veterans Elementary School Foundation, Inc.
Veterans Elite Team Services (V.E.T.S.)
Veterans Emergency Rentals, Inc.
Veterans Employment - Training Association
Veterans Employment Committee of Contra Costa
Veterans Employment Committee of San Diego County