California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Valley Baptist Church of Ontario
Valley Baptist Church of Salinas
Valley Baptist Church of San Francisco, California
Valley Baptist Church of South Lake Tahoe, California
Valley Baptist Church of Tarzana Inc.
Valley Baptist Church of Valley Center, in the County of San Diego, State of California, a California Corporation
Valley Baptist Church of Walnut Creek
Valley Baptist Church, Stockton, California
Valley Baptist Church, Stockton, California
Valley Baptist Fellowship
Valley Baptist Foundation
Valley Baptist Temple of Sunnyvale
Valley Baptist Temple, Northridge, California
Valley Baptist, Corporation
Valley Bar, Inc.
Valley Barbecue and Patio Co., Inc.
Valley Bargain, Inc.
Valley Baseball Card Shop, Inc.
Valley Baseball Club, Inc.
Valley Batting Services, Inc.
Valley Bean and Grain Co., Inc.
Valley Bean Warehouse, Inc.
Valley Bearing and Supply
Valley Bearings and Power Transmission, Inc.
Valley Bedspread Mfg., Inc.
Valley Beef Packers, Inc.
Valley Beef Processors, Inc.
Valley Beefalo Club
Valley Beer Distributors
Valley Behavioral Health Associates, a Psychological Corporation
Valley Behavioral Management, Inc.
Valley Believers Christian Center, Inc.
Valley Bell Dental Repair, Inc
Valley Bells, Inc.
Valley Belting and Equipment Company
Valley Bend Capital, Inc.
Valley Benefits, Inc.
Valley Benevolent Hospital Society
Valley Bengali Community
Valley Berean Christian Church
Valley Best Bakery Inc.
Valley Best Properties, Inc.
Valley Best, Incorporated
Valley Best-Way Building Supply, Inc.
Valley Beth Israel