California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Vallejo Ca. Linens 'N Things, Inc.
Vallejo Casino Corporation
Vallejo Catering Co., Inc.
Vallejo Cellular Corporation
Vallejo Center for Learning
Vallejo Cerros Homeowners' Association
Vallejo Chamber of Commerce
Vallejo Chapter No. 16 National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association
Vallejo Chapter No. 21, Disabled American Veterans
Vallejo Chapter of Sweet Adelines, Inc.
Vallejo Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.
Vallejo Chapter, Aristocrat Caravaners, Inc.
Vallejo Charter School Parent Teacher Organization
Vallejo Check Cashing, Inc.
Vallejo Check Cashing, No. 2, Inc.
Vallejo Children's Theater, Inc.
Vallejo Chinese Christian Church
Vallejo Choral Society
Vallejo Christian Center
Vallejo Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc.
Vallejo Church of Christ
Vallejo Citizens Transit Co.
Vallejo City Association of Retired Employees
Vallejo City Floral Company
Vallejo Coffee Club Association
Vallejo Coin-O-Matic
Vallejo Community Access Television
Vallejo Community Action Committee, Inc.
Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Inc.
Vallejo Community Housing Resource Board, Inc.
Vallejo Community Multi-Purpose and Educational Service Center
Vallejo Community Organizations Recycling, Inc.
Vallejo Community Outreach
Vallejo Community Service Center
Vallejo Concert Association
Vallejo Concrete, Inc.
Vallejo Construction, Inc.
Vallejo Construction, Inc.
Vallejo Convalescent Home
Vallejo Convalescent Hospital, Inc.
Vallejo Convalescent Hospital, Inc.
Vallejo Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Vallejo Corporation
Vallejo Creative Living Center of Solano County
Vallejo Deaf Church - Assembly of God