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Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Us-China Exchange Association
Us-China Exchange Corporation
Us-China Film Development Foundation
Us-China Fire Association
Us-China Friendship Promotion Association
Us-China Green Energy Council
Us-China Growing Cultural Exchange Center
Us-China Guangdong Chamber of Commerce
Us-China Harmony Fund
Us-China Healthcare Industry Federation
Us-China Industry & Commerce Union, Inc.
Us-China International Commerce Development, Inc.
Us-China International Commerce Union
Us-China International Cultural & Economic Promotion, Inc.
Us-China International Exchange Association
Us-China International, Inc.
Us-China Investment Consulting, Inc.
Us-China Investors Association
Us-China Language & Culture Foundation
Us-China Leaders Association
Us-China Leaders Club
Us-China Natural Food Inc.
Us-China Printing Group, Inc.
Us-China Real Estate Summit Committee
Us-China Technology Investment Association
Us-China Trade & Culture Association
Us-China Trade Center, Inc.
Us-China Travel News, Inc.
Us-China Union of Commerce
Us-China Western Culture Exchange Center
Us-Dadi Fertilizer Industry International, Inc.
Us-Ens', Inc.
Us-Feiwo Agricultural Industry International, Inc.
Us-Fil in Deed
Us-Fs Agriculture Science Technology Int'l, Inc.
Us-German Yalan International Investment (Group) Corp.
Us-Golden Land Invest. & Develop. Inc.
Us-Hetian Supplement Int'l, Inc.
Us-Hua Neng Trade Inc.
Us-Huabo Int'l Trade Inc.
Us-Huaqiao Int'l Inc.
Us-Huifeng Int'l Inc.
Us-India Business Forum, Inc.
Us-India Resource Inc.