California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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U.S. Zhong Lian Zhu Xiu Craft Inc.
U.S. Zhonglian Group Inc.
U.S. Zhongxin Electrical International Inc
U.S. Zyj Inc.
U.S.- Asia Trading, Inc.
U.S.- Baltic Chamber of Commerce
U.S.- China Business Promotion Council
U.S.- China Trade and Information Services, Inc.
U.S.- Egypt Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
U.S.- Moroccan Business Consultants Managers
U.S.--IRANIAN Corporation
U.S.-AFRICA Society
U.S.-AMERICA Import & Export
U.S.-BRAZILIAN International Inc.
U.S.-CATHAY International, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Anti-Fraud Collection, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Bilingual Tv
U.S.-CHINA Business & Technology Promotion Associates
U.S.-CHINA Capital Investments, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Christian Institute
U.S.-CHINA Consultant Services, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Cultural Exchange, Ltd.
U.S.-CHINA Development Group
U.S.-CHINA Enterprises, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Foundation for International Exchanges
U.S.-CHINA Friendship Association
U.S.-CHINA Friendship City Network, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Green Business Council
U.S.-CHINA Law Group, a Professional Corporation
U.S.-CHINA Medical Foundation
U.S.-CHINA Science and Business Forum
U.S.-CHINA Scientic and Educational Exchange Foundation
U.S.-CHINA Technology Group, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Terry International Trade, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Trade and Investments Corp.
U.S.-CHINA Trading Corporation
U.S.-CHINA Trading Service, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Universe West, Inc.
U.S.-CHINA Youth Exchange
U.S.-CHINESE Artists Association
U.S.-CHINESE Joint Ventures, Inc.
U.S.-JAPAN Council
U.S.-JAPAN Cultural Association (Nichibei Bunka Koryuu Kyokai)
U.S.-JAPAN Education Group
U.S.-JAPAN Mass Communication Exchange, Inc.
U.S.-JAPAN Trading, Inc.
U.S.-KOREA Trade Associates, Inc.
U.S.-KOREAN Dance Association
U.S.-KYOTO Business Association
U.S.-MEX. Manufacturing Corp.
U.S.-MEXICO Border Philanthropy Partnership
U.S.-MEXICO Foundation, Inc.
U.S.-MEXICO Trucking Consultants, Inc.
U.S.-MIDEAST Corporation
U.S.-MULTISYS Incorporated
U.S.-PACIFIC Charter Bus, Inc.
U.S.-PACIFIC Rim Enterprise, Inc.
U.S.-PACIFIC Rim World Trade Organization
U.S.-POLAND Chamber of Commerce - Northern California
U.S.-R.P. Relations Research Foundation Center
U.S.-SINO Investment Inc.
U.S.-TAIWAN Business Consulting,inc.
U.S.-TOKYO Financial Corporation
U.S.-U.S.P.A. Developmental Youth Foundation
U.S.-VIETNAM Business Council, Inc.
U.S.-VIETNAM Trade and Investment Promotion Council
U.S./ACE Security Laminates West, Inc.
U.S./ASIA Connection, Inc.
U.S./CHINA Market Makers, Inc.
U.S.3D Development, Inc.
U.S.A - Homa International Inc
U.S.A Aoke Biological Science Technology (Group) Limited
U.S.A Bangpai Group Corporation.
U.S.A Blossom International Inc.
U.S.A California Beef Noodle King Restaurant Skills Catenation, Inc.
U.S.A Deer King Garments (Group) Investment Co., Ltd.
U.S.A Doorway International Petroleum Chemical Group
U.S.A exxon.luxs Special Petroleum Limited
U.S.A Garsoni Fertilizer (International) Inc.
U.S.A Hong Hua Co., Ltd.
U.S.A Huaxinglong International Co., Ltd
U.S.A International Institute of the Arts
U.S.A J&l Bio-Technology Corporation
U.S.A Langnika Int'l Limited
U.S.A Lema Clothing Co., Ltd.
U.S.A Life & Eugenic Science Center Company