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Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Us-American Group Inc.
Us-Asia Business Forum, Inc.
Us-Asia Capital Association
Us-Asia Connect
Us-Asia Development Corp.
Us-Asia Executive Management Institute
Us-Asia Foundation
Us-Asia International Culture and Business, Inc.
Us-Asia International Exchange Association
Us-Asia Small Business Development Corporation
Us-Asia Today Inc.
Us-Asia Trading Corporation
Us-Asian Int'l Lawyer Referral & Service Inc.
Us-Asian Trading Company Inc.
Us-Bangla Group Inc
Us-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (Usbcc) Inc.
Us-Blh Grain Industry International, Inc.
Us-Boda Int'l Tradeing Corp.
Us-Bodies, Inc., Inc.
Us-C-Wong Realty & Mortgage, Inc.
Us-China Advanced Education Institute, Inc.
Us-China Agri-Food Development Council
Us-China Agricultural Association, Inc.
Us-China Agricultural Economic and Trade Promotion Council
Us-China Alliance for Nursing, Inc.
Us-China Association of High-Level Professionals
Us-China Building Material Association
Us-China Business Association
Us-China Business Lincs International Inc.
Us-China Business Magazine, Inc.
Us-China Business Society, Inc.
Us-China Business Training Center, Inc.
Us-China Coins Corporation
Us-China Connective Services, Inc.
Us-China Cross, Inc.
Us-China Cultural & Economic Development, Inc.
Us-China Cultural & Educational Exchange Center
Us-China Cultural Exchange Group
Us-China Culture & Art Exchange Center, Inc.
Us-China Culture & Education Foundation
Us-China Culture Exchange Foundation, Inc.
Us-China Dragon Enterprises
Us-China Economic Trade & Cultural Exchange Association
Us-China Entrepreneur's Federation