California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Universal Love Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.
Universal Love Outreach Project, Inc.
Universal Lp Corp.
Universal Ls Realty & Investment Co., Inc.
Universal Lubrication Technologies, Inc.
Universal Lubrication Technology Corporation
Universal Lumber Co.
Universal Lumpers of California, Inc.
Universal Luxury Collections, Inc.
Universal Luz Divina Christian Church Monastery
Universal Ma Ha Shakti
Universal Machine & Engineering, Inc.
Universal Machine Corporation
Universal Machine Fabricators, Inc.
Universal Machine Group Inc.
Universal Machine Rebuilders
Universal Machine Shop, Inc.
Universal Machinery & Parts Inc. Which Will Do Business in California As: Universal-Bengal Machinery
Universal Machinery Co., Inc.
Universal Machinery Corp.
Universal Machinery Corporation
Universal Machinery Leasing, Inc.
Universal Machinery Sales, Inc.
Universal Machining and Manufacturing, Inc.
Universal Mack Chemical Transportation, Inc.
Universal Mack Sales & Services, Inc.
Universal Mack Sales & Services, Inc.
Universal Mack Transportation, Inc.
Universal Magazine Distributing, Inc.
Universal Magnetic Inspection and Plating Corporation
Universal Magnetics Corp.
Universal Magnetics, Inc.
Universal Mahdavia Brotherhood
Universal Maid Service, Inc.
Universal Mail Delivery Service
Universal Mail Delivery Service
Universal Mailing Equipment
Universal Maintenance and Supply Company
Universal Maintenance Associates, Inc.
Universal Maintenance, Inc.
Universal Management & Consulting
Universal Management Alliance, Inc.
Universal Management and Administrative Services, Inc.
Universal Management Company Which Will Do Business in California as Georgia Universal Management Company
Universal Management Concepts, Inc.