California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Telesystems, Inc.
United Television and Appliance Company, Inc.
United Television Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
United Television International, Inc.
United Television Programs, Inc.
United Television Sales, Inc.
United Television Service Co.
United Television, Inc.
United Telluride, Inc.
United Telnet Systems, Inc.
United Telstar Communications Corporation
United Temp. Services, Inc.
United Temple
United Temple of New Jerusalem Corporation
United Temps, Inc.
United Tenants Action Council, Incorporated
United Tenants Assn. Of Calif.
United Tenants Association of St. Timothy
United Tenants of America (The Friends of Rental Communities Everywhere), Inc.
United Tenants of Berkeley
United Tenderloin Housing Fund, Inc.
United Tent & Awning Co. Ltd.
United Terminal Service
United Terminals Ltd.
United Termite Control Corporation
United Termite Control, Inc.
United Termite Control, Incorporated
United Terrazzo Supply Co., Inc.
United Terrazzo Supply Co., Inc.
United Territory of Polynesian Islanders' Alliance
United Test Center of America, Inc.
United Testing Corporation
United Testing Group, Inc.
United Testing Laboratories of San Francisco
United Testing Laboratories, Inc.
United Testing Systems, Inc.
United Textile Co. - West
United Textile Company
United Textile Group, Inc.
United Textile, Inc.
United Textiles & Trimmings,inc
United Textiles of America, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as U.T.A. Inc.
United Texxon Incorporated
United Thai Inc.
United Thai Trading, Inc.