California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Powerhouse Funding
United Pozorrubians of Northern California, Incorporated
United Practical Believers in Christ Ministries
United Practice Billing Service, Inc.
United Praise and Worship Ministries
United Praise Productions Incorporated
United Prayer Line Telephone Ministry
United Prayer Power Fellowship Ministries
United Precious Metal Refining, Inc.
United Precision International Inc.
United Precision Machining Co., Inc.
United Precisioneers, Inc.
United Premier Management, Inc.
United Premier Veteran's Soccer League, Inc.
United Premium Advertising Corporation
United Premiun Advertising Corporation
United Premix Concrete Corporation
United Presbyterian Church of Bonny Doon
United Presbyterian Church of Morgan Hill
United Presbyterian Church of Terra Bella
United Presbyterian Church of Watsonville
United Presbyterian Theological Seminary
United Presbyterian Womens Association of the West
United Presbytery in U.S.A.
United Prescription Exchange, Inc.
United Prescription Services, Inc.
United Presidential Life Insurance Company
United Presidents Line, Inc.
United Presort Acquisition Corp.
United Presort Services, Inc.
United Press International, Inc.
United Press International, Inc.
United Press Works, Inc.
United Pride Coalition
United Pride, Inc.
United Prima Omar, Inc.
United Prince International, Inc.
United Principal Investment Inc.
United Printer Supplies, Inc.
United Printers and Publishers Inc.
United Printers Leverage, Inc.
United Printing Co., Inc.
United Printing Ink & Supply, Inc.
United Prison Outreach Ministries
United Prisoners Union