California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Photo, Inc.
United Photocopier Supply, Inc.
United Photographers
United Photographic Industries, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as United Church Directories
United Photographic Services, Inc.
United Photography Service
United Physical Therapy, Inc.
United Physical Therapy, Inc.
United Physicians Associates, a Medical Corporation
United Physicians Association of Santa Monica, Inc., a Medical Group
United Physicians Coalition, Inc.
United Physicians Group, Inc.
United Physicians International, Inc.
United Physicians Management Corp.
United Physicians Management Group, Inc.
United Physicians Medical Group Incorporated
United Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
United Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
United Physicians Medical Management, Inc.
United Physicians Multispecialty Group, Inc.
United Physicians Supply, Inc.
United Pic-Up Corporation
United Pictorial Revies, Ltd.
United Picture Show, Inc.
United Pictures Corporation
United Pictures Distribution Corporation
United Pictures, Inc.
United Piece Dye Works
United Pier and Shore Anglers of California
United Pies, Inc.
United Pilates Collective
United Pilates Inc.
United Pilipinos for Equal Employment
United Pilipinos of Alameda
United Pilots Association, Inc.
United Pioneer Corporation
United Pioneer International, Inc.
United Pioneer Land Inc.
United Pioneer Ltd. Partnership
United Pipe & Supply Co.
United Pipe & Supply Co., Inc.
United Pipe Company
United Pipe Line & Irrigation Corporation
United Pipeline Systems Usa, Inc.
United Pipeline, Inc.