California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Ministers Self Help Program Inc.
United Ministries in Higher Education in Southern California
United Ministries in Truth, Faith and Love in Christ
United Ministries International
United Ministry
United Ministry at the University of Southern California
United Ministry Church, Inc.
United Mink Corporation
United Minorities League for Equal Education
United Minorities Transport Workers Association
United Minority Broadcasters, Inc.
United Minority Building Contractors Association of America, Inc.
United Minority Business Entrepreneurs of California
United Minority Business Entrepreneurs Political Action Committee
United Minority Coalition of Santa Clara County
United Minority Contractor Associations of the State of California
United Minority Contractors Resource Group
United Minority Contractors' Association, Inc.
United Minority Economic Council
United Minority Enterprises
United Minority Fund of California, Inc.
United Minority/women's Coalition of Los Angeles County
United Mirakone, Inc.
United Mirror Door Co.
United Misc. & Ornamental Steel, Inc.
United Miscellaneous International, Ltd.
United Missile and Aerospace Technicians
United Missile Corporation
United Mission and Church
United Mission Army
United Mission Auto Service Center Inc.
United Mission Center
United Mission Contractors, Inc.
United Mission Evangelical Church
United Mission of America, Inc.
United Mission of Mercy Incorporated
United Mission Workers Church of God
United Missionary Appeal Inc.
United Missionary Army
United Missionary Association S.A., Inc.
United Missionary Baptist Church
United Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles
United Missionary Baptist Church of Santa Ana
United Missionary Church of God
United Missionary Church of God
United Missionary Church, California District
United Missionary Corps. Of Los Angeles County
United Missions of Guadalupe Incorporated
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Southern California Chapter
United Mixed Martial Arts, Inc.
United Mixer Repair,inc.
United Mlp, Inc.
United Mobile and Recreational Parks, Inc.
United Mobile Fleet Service and Supplies, Inc.
United Mobile Glass, Inc.
United Mobile Home Brokers Inc.
United Mobile Home Owners Association of Fairfield, Inc.
United Mobile Homes, Inc.
United Mobile Homes, Inc.
United Mobile Network, Inc.
United Mobile Phones Inc.
United Mobile Sales Corp.
United Mobilehome Owners of Santa Ana, Inc.
United Mobilhome Corporation
United Mobility Systems, Inc.
United Model Association
United Model Distributors of California, Inc.
United Model Distributors, Inc.
United Model, Inc.
United Modular & Metal, Inc.
United Modular, Inc.
United Module Corporation
United Mold Company, Inc.
United Mold, Inc.
United Molokan Christian Association
United Molokan Christian Association of Central California
United Molokan Christian Association of Los Angeles
United Molokan Christian Association-Ladies Auxiliary
United Monetary Association, Inc.
United Monetary Control Associtaion of America
United Money Orders Co., Inc.
United Moneycorp, Inc.
United Monitor Control
United Monitoring Services, Inc.
United Monorail Systems, Inc.
United Moonlight Citrus Association
United Moped, Inc.
United Moral Civilization Art Association
United Morris Corporation
United Mortgage & Associates, Corp.