California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Materials & Richmond Brick Co. Ltd.
United Materials Testing Laboratories, Inc.
United Materials, Inc.
United Matrix Corporation
United Maxon Inc.
United Mcgill Corporation
United Mcgill Corporation
United Meat & Provision Co., Inc.
United Meat Company
United Meat Distributrors Association
United Meat Industry of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
United Mechanical
United Mechanical & Metal Fabricators, Inc.
United Mechanical Builder, Inc.
United Mechanical Consultants, Inc.
United Mechanical Contractors
United Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
United Mechanical Corporation, Which Will Do Business in California Under the Name of United of Nevada
United Mechanical Plumbing & Piping Corporation
United Mechanical Plumbing Contractors, Inc.
United Mechanical, Inc.
United Med Transport, Inc.
United Med-in Home Care and Consultant Services, Inc.
United Medcare
United Medequip Corporation
United Medi-Care, Inc.
United Media International
United Media Plan, Inc.
United Media Productions, Inc
United Media Publishing Group, Inc.
United Media Services, Inc.
United Media, Inc.
United Medical Distributor Group
United Medical Associates
United Medical Associates, Inc.
United Medical Billing Corp.
United Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.
United Medical Billing South Bay, Inc.
United Medical Buildings
United Medical Care
United Medical Care Center Inc.
United Medical Caregivers Clinic, Inc.
United Medical Caregivers' Association
United Medical Center Association
United Medical Centers Corporation