California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Kids Health Organization
United Kim Corporation
United Kinetics Corporation
United King Corporation
United Kingdom Broadcasting Investments, Inc.
United Kingdom Carpets, Inc.
United Kingdom Foods, Incorporated
United Kingdom Inc.
United Kingdom Property Corporation
United Kingdom Social Club Inc. Of Southern California
United Kitchen Cabinet, Inc.
United Kitchen Equipment Mfg. Co. Inc.
United Kiwifruit Growers Cooperative
United Kniit Stores, Inc.
United Knit Wear Inc. S.A. De C.V.
United Knitting Mill, Inc.
United Koam Church
United Koam Wholesale, Inc.
United Korea Foundation
United Korean Church of Christian Defense League, Inc.
United Korean Friendship Association
United Korean Orphanage Fund
United Korean Trading, Inc.
United Korean-American Association
United Korean-American Fellowship and Cultural Foundation
United Krc Industrial Construction, Inc.
United Kress Inc.
United L.A. Trading, Inc.
United Label Inc.
United Labelling Systems
United Labor Agency of Orange County
United Labor Agency of San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties
United Labor Agency of San Mateo County
United Labor Bank
United Labor Center, Inc.
United Labor Community Services Agency of Santa Clara County
United Labor for Political Action
United Labor Insurance Co., Inc.
United Labor Insurance Services, Inc.
United Labor Management Group
United Labor Services, Inc.
United Labor Systems, Inc.
United Labor, Inc.
United Laboratories of Northern California, Inc.
United Laboratories of San Francisco, Inc.
United Laboratories Research Foundation
United Laboratories, Inc.
United Laboratories, Incorporated
United Laboratory Export-Import Corporation
United Laboratory Network, Inc.
United Laboratory Service Inc.
United Labs, Inc.
United Laguna Hills Mutual
United Land & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
United Land and Cattle Co.
United Land and Cattle Company, Inc.
United Land and Timber Corporation
United Land and Timber Realty
United Land and Water Company, Limited
United Land Co.
United Land Co., Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Heritage Land Co., Inc.
United Land Control, Inc.
United Land Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as Alabama United Land Corporation
United Land Developers
United Land Development Co., Inc.
United Land Development Corp.
United Land International, Limited
United Land Investment and Development Corporation
United Land Investors, Inc.
United Land Liquidators, Inc.
United Land Realty, Inc.
United Land Research Corp.
United Land Transportation, Inc.
United Land, Inc.
United Landmark (U.S.A.), Inc.
United Landowners Association, Inc.
United Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.
United Landscape Architects
United Landscape Resource, Inc.
United Landscape, Inc.
United Language Experts, Inc.
United Language of Cinematography, Inc
United Languages, Inc.
United Lanka
United Lanka Incorporation
United Lanka Rubber Corporation
United Lao Agricultural Association, Inc.
United Lao Community Inc.
United Lao Development Co.
United Lao Movement for Democracy (California Chapter)