California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United in Christ, Inc.
United in Harmony
United in Home Nursing Services, Inc.
United in Love and Service
United in Memory Memoral Quilt, Inc.
United in Purpose
United in
United Income Buyers, Inc.
United Income Properties, Inc.
United Income Properties, Inc.
United Indemnity Corporation, Ltd.
United Independent Arts Community, Inc.
United Independent Black Labor Community Council
United Independent Brokers
United Independent Church in Jesus Christ
United Independent Dariers Co.
United Independent Films, Inc.
United Independent Group, Inc.
United Independent Inc.
United Independent Labels Corporation
United Independent Music Retailers Association
United Independent Oil Co.
United Independent Stations
United Independent Sweeper's Inc.
United Independent Taxi Drivers, Incorporated
United Independent Title Services
United Independent Transit Services, Inc.
United Independent Van & Warehousemen's Association of America
United Independent Worker's Union
United Independents Group
United Independents, Inc.
United India Association, Inc.
United Indian Chamber of Commerce, (U.S.A.), Inc.
United Indian Christian Forum of Northern California
United Indian Church, Inc.
United Indian Development Association
United Indian Health Services, Inc.
United Indian Missions
United Indian Nations Cdc Property, Inc.
United Indian Nations Community Development Corporation
United Indian Nations, Inc.
United Industrial & Trading, U.S.A. Inc.
United Industrial Associates, Inc.
United Industrial Contractors
United Industrial Corp.
United Industrial Corporation
United Industrial Corporation of America
United Industrial Development Corporation
United Industrial Gas Sales, Inc.
United Industrial Gas, Inc.
United Industrial Group Ltd.
United Industrial Hardware Corporation
United Industrial International, Inc.
United Industrial Manufacturers Inc.
United Industrial Painting, Inc.
United Industrial Properties
United Industrial Service
United Industrial Supply Co., Inc.
United Industrial Supply, Inc.
United Industrial Supply., Inc.
United Industrial Syndicate, Inc.
United Industrial Syndicate, Inc.
United Industrial Tire Inc., Which Will Be Doing Business in California as United Solideal Company
United Industrial Tire, Inc.
United Industrial Transport, Inc.
United Industrial Uniform, Inc.
United Industries
United Industries
United Industries & Investments, Inc.
United Industries Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as Chemsico, Inc.
United Industries Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as United Railcar Repair Industries
United Industries Group, Inc.
United Industries Inc. Which Will Transact Business in California as Idaho United Industries Inc.
United Industries Independent Distributors, Inc.
United Industries International, Inc.
United Industries Mechanical, Inc.
United Industries Usa Inc.
United Industries, Inc.
United Infinity, Inc.
United Info Solutions.
United Info-Health
United Information Service, Inc.
United Information Services, Inc.
United Information Technologies Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as United Info Tech Corp
United Information Technology, Inc.
United Information, Inc.
United Infotech Inc.
United Infrastructure Projects, Inc.
United Infratek, Inc.
United Ingredients, Inc.