California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United General International Import & Export Company, Inc.
United General Investments, Inc.
United General Life Insurance Company
United General Merchandise Import/export Group
United General Merchandise Management
United General Sales Corporation
United General Theatres, Inc.
United General Title Insurance Company
United General Title Insurance Company Which Will Do Business in California as United Independent Title Insurance Company
United General Trading, Inc.
United General Wood Products Corporation
United General, Inc.
United General-South Bay Theatres, Inc.
United Generic Corporation, Inc.
United Genetics Seeds Co.
United Geophysical Company of Canada
United Geophysical Company, Inc.
United Geophysical Consultants, Inc.
United Geotechnical Services, Inc.
United Geothermal Geysers, Inc.
United German American Club of Beaumont, Inc.
United German Motors, Inc.
United German-American Societies of San Francisco and Vicinity, Inc
United Gift Stores, Inc.
United Gilsonite Laboratories
United Ginning Co.
United Gintek America, Inc.
United Glass & Ceramics
United Glass and Door, Inc.
United Glass Blowing, Inc.
United Glass Company Which Will Do Business in California as Michigan United Glass Company
United Glass Company, Inc.
United Glass Company, Inc.
United Glass Corporation, a Nevada Corporation Doing Business in California as Ugc Corporation
United Glass Processors, Inc.
United Glass Shops Assn., Inc.
United Glass Works, Inc.
United Gli, Inc.
United Global Churches Association of Nations
United Global Consultants
United Global Consultants, Inc.
United Global Development Co., Inc.
United Global Enterprise Inc.
United Global Enterprises Inc.
United Global Enterprises, Inc.