California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Electric Co. Of Bakersfield
United Electric Company Which Will Do Business in California as Magic Hours Child Achievement Centers
United Electric Contractors, Inc.
United Electric Controls Company
United Electric Corporation
United Electric Inc.
United Electric Motor Company, Inc.
United Electric Supply Co.
United Electric Supply Co.
United Electric Supply of Needles, Inc.
United Electric Wholesale and Trading, Inc.
United Electric, Inc.
United Electrical & Mechanical, Inc.
United Electrical Contractors Association
United Electrical Inc.
United Electrical Rebuilders, Inc.
United Electrical Services, Inc., 'Which Will Do Business in California as U.E.S., Inc.'
United Electrical Systems of Southern California, Inc.
United Electrical Systems, Inc.
United Electrodynamics, Inc.
United Electronic & Metals Corp.
United Electronic Corporation
United Electronic Printers, Inc.
United Electronic, Inc.
United Electronics & Technology, Inc.
United Electronics Corporation
United Electronics Systems, Inc.
United Electronics, Inc.
United Electronics, Inc.
United Elevator Corporation
United Elevator Corporation
United Eleven Marketing and Investment Corporation
United Eleven, Inc.
United Elite Enterprises, Inc.
United Elite Insurance Company
United Elite Investments Group Inc.
United Elite Investments Realty Mortgage
United Emergency Animal Clinic, Inc.
United Emission Control, Inc.
United Empire
United Empire Express
United Empire Investment Corporation
United Empire Mortgage, Inc.
United Empire Vending Co.
United Empire, Inc.