California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Church of Lucerne Valley, California
United Church of Otay Mesa, United Church of Christ and United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
United Church of Religious Science
United Church of Sovereigns, Inc.
United Church of the Desert
United Church of the Living God
United Church of the Living God the Pillar and Ground of the Truth
United Church of the Valley
United Church of West Garden Grove
United Church Retirement Homes of Long Beach, Inc.
United Church Science of Living Institute, Inc.
United Church Service Bureau
United Church Services of California, Inc.
United Church Services, Inc.
United Church Welfare Mnission
United Churches and Ministers of America Inc.
United Churches Association
United Churches for Empowered Communities
United Churches in Jesus Christ, Inc.
United Churches of God in Christ of California, Inc.
United Churches of Revelations, Inc.
United Cigar Agency, Inc.
United Cigar Company, Inc.
United Cigar Corporation
United Cinema Corporation
United Cinemagic Pictures, Inc.
United Cinemas Corporation, Which Will Do Business in California as Western United Cinemas
United Cinemas International Company B.V. Which Will Do Business in California as Uci Company B.V.
United Circle Inc.
United Circuit Breakers, Inc.
United Circuit Lamination, Inc.
United Circuit Technology, Inc.
United Cities Inc.,
United Cities International Inc.
United Cities Service Corporation
United Cities., Inc
United Cities., Inc
United Citizens Against Drugs
United Citizens Committee of America
United Citizens for Community Advancement
United Citizens for Less Government and Lower Taxes
United Citizens Foundation
United Citizens of California at Seal Beach
United Citizens of Lakewood Village
United Citizens Voters League, Inc.