California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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United Analytical Lab Inc.
United Anatolian Guardians
United Anesthesia Services, a Medical Corporation
United Anesthesiology Inc.
United Angel, Inc
United Angeles, Inc.
United Anglers
United Anglers of California
United Anglers of California (Southern California Chapter), Inc.
United Anglers of Casa Grande, Inc.
United Anglers of Northern California
United Anglers of Southern California
United Anglican Communion
United Anglican Communion Cursillos in Christianity, a California Nonprofit Religious Corporation
United Animal Nations
United Animal Welfare Foundation
United Answering Service of Beverly Hills, Inc.
United Answering Service of Reseda, Inc.
United Answering Service, Inc.
United Antiquenos of Northern California, Inc.
United Antiques, Inc.
United Apartment Service Corporation
United Apartment, Inc.
United Apostolic Christian Assemblies, Inc.
United Apostolic Christian Church Corporation
United Apostolic Church of the Name of Jesus Christ
United Apostolic Church Under the Grace of Jesus Christ
United Apothecary, Inc.
United Apparel Basics, Inc.
United Apparel Group Inc.
United Apparel Group, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Delaware United Apparel Group, Inc.
United Apparel Import, Inc.
United Apparel Industry, Inc.
United Apparel Supply, Inc.
United Apparel Ventures, Inc.
United Apparel, Inc.
United Appeal and Missionary Army
United Appeal Society, Inc.
United Appliance Mfg. Co., Inc.
United Appliance Stores
United Appliances Company, Inc.
United Appliances, Inc.
United Appliances, Inc.
United Application Systems, Inc.
United Applied Technology, Inc.