California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Overseas Investment Corp.
Overseas Investors Inc.
Overseas Investors, Ltd.
Overseas Jenny of California, Inc.
Overseas Kohp House, Inc.
Overseas Korean Evangelization Crusade, Inc.
Overseas Korean Traders Association of Northern California (okta-Nc)
Overseas Korean Traders Association of Southern California: Okta Sc
Overseas Leasing
Overseas Leasing Corporation
Overseas Legacy Imports Inc.
Overseas Legal Service Inc.
Overseas Leisure Development Corporation
Overseas Lending Corporation
Overseas Loan Corporation
Overseas Logistics Inc.
Overseas Machinery Exporters, Incorporated
Overseas Management, Ltd.
Overseas Manpower Corporation
Overseas Manpower Resources, Inc.
Overseas Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Merrimack Stone Industries
Overseas Manufacturing, Incorporated
Overseas Maritime Investment Corporation
Overseas Market Development Institute
Overseas Market Development, Inc.
Overseas Marketing Enterprisers
Overseas Marketing Inc.
Overseas Medical and Health Education Foundation
Overseas Medical Assistance Inc.
Overseas Medical Cure, Inc.
Overseas Medical Foundation
Overseas Mercantile Incorporated
Overseas Merchandise Inspection Company Limited
Overseas Merchandise, Inc.
Overseas Merchants
Overseas Merchants, Inc.
Overseas Metals Corporation
Overseas Metals Corporation
Overseas Military Phone Patch Service Inc
Overseas Mission Endeavor for God's Alliance
Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Inc.
Overseas Missionary Institute, Inc.
Overseas Motor Parts Ltd.
Overseas Motorhome Tours, Inc.
Overseas Motorsports Corporation
Overseas Motorsports Safety & Emissions Compliance, Inc.
Overseas National Airways, Inc.
Overseas Networking Groups, Inc.
Overseas News Distributors, Inc.
Overseas Offshore, Inc.
Overseas Operations, Inc.
Overseas Opportunities Agency, Inc.
Overseas Ores & Metals Co., Inc.
Overseas Pacific INVESTMENTS,U.S.A.
Overseas Package International
Overseas Panel Products, Inc.
Overseas Paragon Co., Inc.
Overseas Paramount Development, Incorporated
Overseas Personnel Association of California, Inc.
Overseas Personnel Recruitment, Inc.
Overseas Petroleum Limited
Overseas Pharmatech Corporation
Overseas Political Former Vietnamese Prisoners Association
Overseas Precision Casting, Inc.
Overseas Precision Castings, Inc.
Overseas Printing Corporation
Overseas Processing, Inc.
Overseas Procurement Service Corporation
Overseas Produce Management Corp.
Overseas Professional Association, Inc.
Overseas Professional Educational Consultants, Inc.
Overseas Professionals Agency, Inc.
Overseas Programming Companies Ltd.
Overseas Properties, Inc.
Overseas Purchasing Services Limited
Overseas Python Enterprises Corp.
Overseas Quality Products, Inc.
Overseas Radio & Television Inc.
Overseas Radio & Television, Inc.
Overseas Real Estate Investment Corporation
Overseas Realty Enterprises N.V.
Overseas Realty Enterprises, Inc.
Overseas Realty, Inc.
Overseas Referral Corporation
Overseas Reliance Corporation
Overseas Repo Inc.
Overseas Research Services, Inc.
Overseas Resort Communities, Inc.
Overseas Resource Link
Overseas Resource Management Corporation