California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Oversea Employment Service Inc.
Oversea Farsight Corporation
Oversea Financing
Oversea Fishery (S.F.), Inc.
Oversea Food Link, Inc.
Oversea Insurance Agency, Inc.
Oversea Management, Ltd.
Oversea Mission Crusade for Christ
Oversea Stone
Oversea Supplier Solution, Inc.
Oversea Travel Service Inc.
Oversea Union Construction Inc.
Oversea Vietnamese Artists Mutual Association
Oversea Vietnamese Scholarship Foundation (Quy Hoc Bong Viet Nam Hai Ngoai)
Oversea's Professional Assistance, Inc.
Oversea's Resources, Incorporated
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Oversea-Trust Investment Holdings Corp.
Overseas & Asia Ltd. Incorporated
Overseas Advisory Corp.
Overseas Agricultural Development, Inc.
Overseas Air Cargo Company Ltd.
Overseas Alumni Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Overseas Anandians Association of California. (Oaac)
Overseas Antiques Imports
Overseas Asiatic Coalition, Inc.
Overseas Asset Holdings Inc.
Overseas Asset Holdings Inc. (California)
Overseas Associates, Inc.
Overseas Association of the Le's
Overseas Auto Deliveries Ltd.
Overseas Automotive Center, Inc.
Overseas Aviation Resources
Overseas Bantis International
Overseas Basketball Clinics, Inc.
Overseas Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Overseas Blind Foundation
Overseas Blue Star Corporation
Overseas Brazil Incorporated
Overseas Business Consulting, Inc.
Overseas Business Corporation of California
Overseas Business Development Co. Inc.
Overseas Business Exchange, Inc.
Overseas Business Information, Inc.
Overseas Business Machines, Inc.
Overseas Business Management Consultants, Inc.
Overseas Business Research and Assistance, Inc.
Overseas Buying Service Inc.
Overseas Buying Services Corp.
Overseas Campus Ministries, Inc.
Overseas Capital Consultants Corporation
Overseas Capital Investment Corporation
Overseas Careers, Inc.
Overseas Cargo Agencies, Inc.
Overseas Cargo Lines, Inc.
Overseas Catholics of Bui Chu Diocese, Inc.
Overseas Central Inc
Overseas Chartering Corporation
Overseas China Education Foundation
Overseas Chinese (american-Chinese) League
Overseas Chinese Acupuncture Center, Inc.
Overseas Chinese Acupuncture Center, Incorporated
Overseas Chinese Association of High Technology
Overseas Chinese Business Exchange
Overseas Chinese Caliigraphy Association, Inc.
Overseas Chinese Celebrities and Artists, Inc.
Overseas Chinese Communication Inc.
Overseas Chinese Communication, Inc.
Overseas Chinese Cultural Association
Overseas Chinese Culture and Economic Center
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association
Overseas Chinese Ethnic Minority Federation
Overseas Chinese Friendship Service Association
Overseas Chinese Institute on Aging
Overseas Chinese Investment (Usa) Corp.
Overseas Chinese Management Association
Overseas Chinese Marketing and Development Co. Ltd.
Overseas Chinese Marketing Group, Inc.
Overseas Chinese Merchants Alliance Inc
Overseas Chinese Television Inc.
Overseas Chinese Youth Association, Inc.
Overseas Commerce & Trading Corp.
Overseas Commerce, Inc
Overseas Commodities Corporation
Overseas Connection, Inc.
Overseas Connections, Inc.
Overseas Consolidators
Overseas Construction Products, Inc.
Overseas Consultants Inc.
Overseas Consultants Incorporated