California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Orthopaedic Group of San Francisco, Inc.
Orthopaedic Health Center, Inc.
Orthopaedic Health Resources, Inc.
Orthopaedic Hospital
Orthopaedic Hospital Independent Practitioners Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Innovations, Inc.
Orthopaedic Institute Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Institute of California Transportation Service
Orthopaedic Institute of California, a Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Laser Society of North America
Orthopaedic Management Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group and Athletic Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group Associates, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group of Pasadena, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group of Riverside, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group of Santa Ana, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Medical Supplies, Inc.
Orthopaedic Moments, Inc.
Orthopaedic Multispecialty Medical Group of San Diego, a Professional Corporation
Orthopaedic Oncologic Research and Education Foundation
Orthopaedic Personnel, Inc.
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Associates, Inc.
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc.
Orthopaedic Resources, Inc.
Orthopaedic Sciences, Inc.
Orthopaedic Solutions Company
Orthopaedic Specialists Medical Center of Santa Monica, Inc.
Orthopaedic Specialties Associates, a Medical Corporation
Orthopaedic Spine Md, a Professional Corporation
Orthopaedic Sport and Spine Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Orthopaedic Sports Specialists, a Medical Corporation
Orthopaedic Surgeons of Santa Cruz County, a Medical Corporation
Orthopaedic Surgery Institute of California, Medical Corp.
Orthopaedic Surgery Medical Clinic, Inc.
Orthopaedic Surgery Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopaedic Surgery Service Corporation, a California Corporation
Orthopaedic Surgery Services, Inc., a Medical Group
Orthopaedic Surgical Osseointegration Society
Orthopaedic Trauma Association, Inc.
Orthopaedic Trauma Solutions, Inc.
Orthopaedic West, Inc.
Orthopaedics in Motion, Inc.
Orthopaedics Limited, a Medical Clinic, Inc.
Orthopaedics, Sports & Worker's Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopediatrics Corp.
Orthopedic Group Practice Associates
Orthopedic & Prosthetic Engineering, Inc.
Orthopedic & Spinal Technologies, Inc.
Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Distributors
Orthopedic & Sports Medicine International
Orthopedic & Surgical 1st Assist, a Physician Assistant Corp.
Orthopedic Acquisition, Inc.
Orthopedic Acquisition, Inc.
Orthopedic Acupuncture Center
Orthopedic Analyst Associates, Medical Corporation
Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Associates of San Fernando Valley
Orthopedic and Spine Centers of America, Inc.
Orthopedic and Sport Rehabilitation Medical Center of San Fernando Valley, a Professional Corporation
Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy of Cupertino, Inc.
Orthopedic Associates Management, Inc.
Orthopedic Associates of Northern California, a Medical Group
Orthopedic Associates of the East Bay, an Incorporated Medical Group
Orthopedic Back Rest Inc.
Orthopedic Care Center of Los Angeles Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopedic Center for Back Pain, a Medical Group Inc.
Orthopedic Center for Excellence Medical Group, a Medical Corporation
Orthopedic Center Inc.
Orthopedic Concepts, Inc.
Orthopedic Consultant's Medical Group, a Medical Corporation
Orthopedic Consultants International
Orthopedic Design Laboratory, Inc.
Orthopedic Educational Foundation, Inc.
Orthopedic Enterprises, Inc.
Orthopedic Equipment Consultants Inc.
Orthopedic Exercare Corporation
Orthopedic Fabricators, Inc.
Orthopedic Group of Santa Barbara, Inc.
Orthopedic Healthcare Centers of America, Inc.
Orthopedic Hospitalists of Oxnard, Pc
Orthopedic Imaging, Inc.
Orthopedic Industrial Medical Clinic, Inc.
Orthopedic Institute Management Services
Orthopedic Institute of the Bay Area, a Medical Corporation
Orthopedic Institute of the Good Samaritan Hospital
Orthopedic Managed Care Medical Group, Inc.
Orthopedic Mattress Co., Inc.
Orthopedic Mattress Co., Inc.
Orthopedic Medical Center, an Incorporated Medical Clinic