California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Oncology Group, Inc.
Oncology Institute Medical Group, Inc.
Oncology Laboratory, Inc.
Oncology Management Services, Inc.
Oncology Mtm Group, Inc.
Oncology N-Sync, Inc.
Oncology Network of Orange County, a Medical Group, Inc.
Oncology Partners International, Inc.
Oncology Practice Management Corporation
Oncology Research Network
Oncology Resource Consultants, Inc.
Oncology Services Management Inc.
Oncology Services Medical Group, Inc.
Oncology Specialists of Coh, P.C.
Oncology Therapeutics Network Automated Technologies, Inc.
Oncology Therapeutics Network Corporation
Oncology Therapies of Vista Medical Group, Inc.
Oncology-Hematology Consultants Medical Group, Inc.
Oncology-Hematology Medical Group of West Los Angeles, Inc.
Oncology-Hematology Research Foundation, Inc.
Oncology/hematology Medical Associates of the Central Coast, Inc.
Oncology/hematology Network Medical Associates, Inc.
Oncolytics Biotech (U.S.), Inc.
Oncom Tv Service
Oncomatrix, Inc.
Oncomax Acquisition Corp.
Oncomax, Inc.
Oncomed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Oncomp, Inc.
Onconatural Solutions, Inc.
Onconex Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as Delaware Onconex Corporation
Onconex Corporation, Inc
Onconologics, Inc.
Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
Onconx, Inc.
Oncopharm, Inc.
Oncopharmaceutical, Inc.
Oncophysics, Incorporated
Oncopredictor, Inc.
Oncoquest, Inc.
Oncor Communications, Inc.
Oncor Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as Danne Montague-King Co.
Oncor Instrument Systems, Inc.