California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Oakhurst Post No. 110, the American Legion, Department of California
Oakhurst Properties of California, Inc.
Oakhurst Property Owners, Inc.
Oakhurst Rural Health Clinic, Inc.
Oakhurst Sales & Service, Inc.
Oakhurst Self Storage, Inc.
Oakhurst Service Company
Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation
Oakhurst Sporting Goods, Inc.
Oakhurst Square Association
Oakhurst Terrace Association
Oakhurst Video, Inc.
Oakhurst Village Restaurant, Inc.
Oakhurst Vista Owners Association
Oakhurst, Ca, Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc.
Oakie, Inc.
Oakie, Inc.
Oakite Products, Inc.
Oakite Products, Inc.
Oaklameda Charities
Oakland & Imada, Inc.
Oakland & World Entertainment
Oakland (Cal.) Thom Mcan, Inc.
Oakland - Five East Bay Counties Black Chamber of Commerce
Oakland - Santiago De Cuba Sister Cities, Inc.
Oakland 100 Club
Oakland 14th Office, Inc.
Oakland A's Booster Club
Oakland Acorn Incorporated
Oakland Acorn Tenants Association
Oakland Acupuncture Project, Inc.
Oakland Adventist Christian Community Services Inc.
Oakland Aerie No. 7, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Oakland Aerie No. 7, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiatives
Oakland Affordable Housing, Limited
Oakland African American Chamber Foundation
Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce
Oakland African American Community Foundation
Oakland Air Cargo
Oakland Air Force, Inc.
Oakland Air Sequoyah Inc.
Oakland Aircraft, Inc.
Oakland Airport Hotel Corporation
Oakland Airport Parking, Inc.
Oakland Airport Shuttle Association, Inc.
Oakland Alameda County Consortium of Community Thrift Stores Foundation, Inc.
Oakland Alameda County Tire Recycling Inc.
Oakland Alcohol Detoxification Clinic, Inc.
Oakland Alliance of Community Partnerships
Oakland Aluminum Corporation
Oakland Amateur Boxing Club
Oakland American Legion Convention Committee
Oakland American Legion Convention Committee, Inc.
Oakland Antioch and Eastern Railway
Oakland Architectural Preservation Fund
Oakland Area Young America Baseball Corporation
Oakland Arete'
Oakland Army Base Workforce Development Collaborative
Oakland Art Association
Oakland Art Gallery
Oakland Artists, Inc.
Oakland Asia Video Corp.
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Oakland Asian Mutual Assistance Association
Oakland Asian Police Officers Association, Inc.
Oakland Asian Students Educational Services
Oakland Associates, Incorporated
Oakland Association for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped, Inc.
Oakland Association of Asians in Education
Oakland Association of Credit Men, Known as Wholesalers Credit Association of Oakland, California
Oakland Association of Insurance Agents, Inc.
Oakland Athletics Corporation
Oakland Athletics Fan Coalition
Oakland Audio-Visual Service, Inc.
Oakland Auto Auction, Inc.
Oakland Auto Care Center, Incorporated
Oakland Auto Painting Center, Inc.
Oakland Auto Supply Co.
Oakland Automotive Center, Inc.
Oakland Automotive Training Center, Inc.
Oakland Avenue Investors, Inc.
Oakland Avenue Townhomes Association
Oakland Aviation Corporation
Oakland Aviation High School
Oakland Aviation Museum
Oakland Aviation Technology
Oakland Bag, Inc.
Oakland Ballet Association, Inc.
Oakland Ballet Company