California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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North Side Farms Inc.
North Side Men's Club
North Side Oil Corp.
North Side Properties Inc.
North Side Property Owners' Association
North Side Services, Inc., Which Will Do Business in California as North Side Petroleum Services of California, Inc.
North Side Shelter Investors, Inc.
North Side Water Company of Walnut, California
North Side Youth Baseball
North Side-East First Street Redevelopment Association
North Sierra Communications, Inc.
North Sierra Construction, Incorporated
North Sierra Development Co., Inc.
North Sierra Forest Products, Inc.
North Sierra Investment Co.
North Sierra Land, Inc.
North Sierra Management, Inc.
North Sierra Sams
North Sierra Youth Soccer League
North Silicon Valley Partners in Education
North Silverwood Owners Association
North Siskiyou Soccer League
North Six, Inc.
North Sky Communications, Inc.
North Slo County Boys and Girls Club, Inc.
North Slo County Pet Emergency Clinic, Inc.
North Slo County Recycling, Inc.
North Slope Development Co.
North Slope Investment, Inc.
North Slope Technologies, Inc.
North Smc Construction, Inc.
North Software Group Corp.
North Solano Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
North Sonoma County Water Conservation Corportion
North Sound Forest Products
North Sound Industries Corporation
North South Associates, Inc.
North South Builders Inc.
North South Community Development Corporation
North South Construction, Inc.
North South East West Transportation, Inc.
North South Express
North South Fashions Corporation
North South Financial Corp.
North South Market, Inc.