California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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North Orange County Health Centers, Inc.
North Orange County Hospital Building Association
North Orange County Interfaith Council
North Orange County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers
North Orange County Internal Medical Group, Inc.
North Orange County Junior Athetic Association, Incorporated, a Non Profit Organization
North Orange County Korean Chamber of Commerce
North Orange County Magazine, Inc.
North Orange County Physical Medicine, a Medical Corporation
North Orange County Physical Rehabilitation, Inc.
North Orange County Physicians' Provider Organization, Inc.
North Orange County Piranhas: Wrestling Club
North Orange County Regional Health Foundation
North Orange County Rop Public Facilities Financing Corporation
North Orange County Saturn, Inc.
North Orange County Sleep Clinic Medical Group, Incorporated
North Orange County Sports
North Orange County Sports Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
North Orange County Surgical Ipa Medical Group, Inc.
North Orange County Surgical Medical Group, Inc.
North Orange County Synagogue- Adat Ari
North Orange County United Educators Uniserve
North Orange County United Teachers
North Orange County United Way
North Orange County Youth Golf Association
North Orange County Youth Soccer Premier League, Inc.
North Orange Management, Inc.
North Orange Medical Laboratory
North Orange Pharmacy Inc.
North Orient Rug Leasing and Distribution Corp.
North Oxnard Development Co.
North Oxnard Mutual Water Company
North Oxnard United Methodist Church
North Oxnard Warriors Youth Football Inc.
North Pac Capital, Inc.
North Pacific Asset Management, Inc.
North Pacific Auto Transport, Inc.
North Pacific Bending
North Pacific Builders, Inc.
North Pacific Builders, Inc.
North Pacific Capital Investment Corporations
North Pacific Cm Control Services
North Pacific Co.
North Pacific Coast Railroad Association
North Pacific Constr. Inc.
North Pacific Construction Co.
North Pacific Construction Co., Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Delaware North Pacific Construction Co., Inc.
North Pacific Construction Company Transacting Business in California Under the Name of Npcc, Inc. In California
North Pacific Construction Group Inc.
North Pacific Construction Management, Inc.
North Pacific Corporation
North Pacific Dermatology, a Medical Corporation
North Pacific Design Services, Inc.
North Pacific Developers, Inc.
North Pacific Developments Inc.
North Pacific Engineering Inc.
North Pacific Financial Consultants, Inc.
North Pacific Financial Corp.
North Pacific Fire Protection, Inc.
North Pacific Fisheries Corporation
North Pacific Forwarders, Inc.
North Pacific Glass and Supply
North Pacific Group, Inc.
North Pacific Harvest Divers Cooperative
North Pacific Health Facility, Inc.
North Pacific Holdings, Inc.
North Pacific Home Inspections
North Pacific Inc
North Pacific International, Inc.
North Pacific Investment Group, Inc.
North Pacific Investments Inc
North Pacific Mortgage Brokers
North Pacific Paper Corporation
North Pacific Productions
North Pacific Realty
North Pacific Realty, Inc.
North Pacific Resources
North Pacific Rice & Sugar Corporation
North Pacific Seafoods, Inc.
North Pacific Seeds, Inc.
North Pacific Service Corp.
North Pacific Telecom Corporation
North Pacific Timber Enterprises, Inc.
North Pacific Trading, Inc.
North Pacific Travel, Inc.
North Pacific Union Conference Association of Seventh Day Adventists
North Pacific Ventures
North Pacific, Inc., Which Will Do Business in California as North Pacific Building Corp.
North Pacific-East Asiatic Railway and Steamship Historical Society, Inc.
North Pacifica Development, Inc.