California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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North Oakland Missionary Baptist Church Foundation
North Oakland Pediatric Medical Group, Inc.
North Oakland Pharmacy
North Oakland Recovery Network
North Oakland Senior Citizens Project, Inc.
North Oakland Senior Housing, Inc.
North Oakland Seniors' Drop-in Center, Inc.
North Oakland Sewing and Needlework Center, Inc.
North Oakland Tri Corp.
North Oakland Trinity Comprehensive Community Services
North Oakland Village
North Oaks Arboles Plaza, Inc.
North Oaks Church of Christ
North Oaks Home Owners Association, Inc.
North Oaks Homeowner's Association
North Oaks Investments, Inc.
North Oaks Mutual Water Company
North Oaks Owners Association
North Oaks Service, Inc.
North Oaks T.V. & Appliance, Inc.
North Oaks Woman's Club
North Oc Properties, Inc.
North Ocean (Usa) Enterprises, Inc.
North Ocean International Business Inc.
North Ocean Restaurant Inc
North Ocean Richport International Transportation Inc. (Us)
North Oceanside Terrace, Co.
North Oceanside Terrace, Inc.
North of Fourth Association
North of Glenoaks, Inc.
North of Lohuis, Inc.
North of Market Advocates, Inc.
North of Market Boys Inc.
North of Market Child Development Center
North of Market Club
North of Market Development Corporation
North of Market Girls, Inc.
North of Market Neighborhood Improvement Corporation
North of Market Planning Coalition
North of Market/tenderloin Communtiy Benefit Corporation
North of Montana Neighborhood Association
North of River Sanitary Facilities Corporation
North of the Border Bicycles, Inc.
North of the Border Films, Inc.
North of the Border Mexican Restaurants, Inc.
North of the Border, Inc.
North of the Border, Inc.
North of the Golden Gate Corporation
North of the River Association
North of the River Chamber of Commerce
North of the River Construction, Inc.
North of the River Free Will Baptist Church
North of the River Recreation Council
North of the River Recreation Foundation
North of the River Swimming Pool Association
North of Two
North of York Inc.
North Ogden, Inc.
North Ontario Fruit Corp.
North Ontario Owl Club
North Orange Auctions, Inc.
North Orange Aviation, Inc.
North Orange Christian Church
North Orange Coast Painting, Inc.
North Orange Council, Inc. Boy Scouts of America
North Orange County - St. Jude Medical Group Ipa, Inc.
North Orange County Asc Chapter 48, Inc.
North Orange County Athletic Club, Inc.
North Orange County Bancorp.
North Orange County Bar Association
North Orange County Business Bureau, Inc.
North Orange County C.T. Diagnostic Center
North Orange County Camera Club, Inc.
North Orange County Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous Groups, Inc.
North Orange County Chapter #773 of American Association of Retired Persons, Inc.
North Orange County Chapter of the National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, a Nonprofit California Corporation.
North Orange County Children Choir
North Orange County Chinese Culture Association
North Orange County Church of Christ Corporation
North Orange County Church of God
North Orange County Computer Club, Inc.
North Orange County Consultant, Psychological Treatment and Behavioral Specialist Group, a Professional Corporation
North Orange County Cooperative Laboratory, Inc.
North Orange County Council of Girl Scouts
North Orange County Credit Union
North Orange County Dental Laboratory
North Orange County Escrow
North Orange County Escrow Corporation
North Orange County Gem and Mineral Society
North Orange County Glass & Mirror, Inc.