California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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North Industrial Development (Us), Inc.
North Inglewood Chamber of Commerce
North Inglewood, California Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc.
North International University
North Interstate Construction, Inc.
North Irvine Corporation
North Irvine Enterprise, Inc.
North Irvine Homeowners Association
North Irvine Little League, Inc.
North Irvine Medical Group, Inc.
North Irvine Water Polo Club
North Isabel Gardens Homeowners Association
North Island Association
North Island Financial Credit Union
North Island Marketing, Inc.
North Island Mines, Inc.
North Island Service Organization
North Island Service Organization
North Island Trawler Corporation
North Island-Service Post No. 753, the American Legion Department of California
North Ithaca, Inc.
North J, Inc.
North Jackson Energy Company
North Jefferson Business Park Maintenance District
North Jefferson Business Park-Freeway Association
North Jefferson Place Maintenance Association
North Jetty Hospitalist, Inc., a Medical Corporation
North Joann Street Homeowners' Association
North Joshua Tree Improvement Association, Incorporated
North Kaweah Mutual Water Company
North Kenwood Corp.
North Kern Agricultural Landowners' Taxpayers Association
North Kern Aviation, Inc.
North Kern County Golfers Association, Inc.
North Kern Crusade for Christ, Inc.
North Kern Development Co.
North Kern Equipment Company
North Kern Farm Service
North Kern Farm Service Co.
North Kern Front Enterprises, Inc.
North Kern Golf Shop, Inc.
North Kern Golf, Inc.
North Kern Harvesting & Trucking, Inc.
North Kern Hay Growers Cooperative, Incorporated
North Kern Machinery, Inc.
North Kern Medical Clinic, Inc.
North Kern Motorcycle Club, Inc.
North Kern Packers, Inc.
North Kern Property Owners Association
North Kern Recreational Center, Inc.
North Kern Rifle and Pistol Club
North Kern Sportsmen's Association
North King Limited
North King Produce, Inc.
North King Toys, Inc.
North Kinneloa Ranch Property Owners' Association
North Kitsap Gravel & Asphalt Company
North Knife, Inc.
North Korea Freedom Institute
North Korea Mission Center in U.S.A
North Korea Mission Institute
North Korean Refugee Protection Committee, Inc.
North Korean Refugees Association in the U.S.
North La Brea Avenue Corporation
North La Brea Medical Center, Inc.
North La Cienega Community & Business Association
North Laguna Community Association, Inc.
North Laguna Creek Neighborhood Association
North Laguna Land Company
North Lake - Lake Front Owners Association
North Lake Auto Parts, Inc.
North Lake Canyon Corporation
North Lake Child Care Center, Inc.
North Lake Enterprises, Inc.
North Lake Health Care, Inc.
North Lake Inc.
North Lake Investments, Inc.
North Lake Lumber, Inc.
North Lake Medical Pharmacy, Incorporated
North Lake Owners Association
North Lake Pediatrics Medical Group, Inc., a Professional Medical Corporation
North Lake Plumbing, Inc.
North Lake Rehab and Medical Center, Inc.
North Lake Square Corporation
North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce
North Lake Tahoe Historical Society
North Lake Tahoe Library Advisory Group
North Lake Tahoe Medical Group Inc.
North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Inc.
North Lake Translator Group