California Companies

North County Venture Council

North County Venture Council was a corporation registered in the state of California.

It was a domestic corporation, meaning it was formed, as well as registered, in California. Its articles of incorporation were filed on April 16, 2002.

All of North County Venture Council's powers, rights and privileges in the State of California have been suspended. This could have happened because they failed to file a return and/or pay taxes to the California Franchise Tax Board, or because they failed to make certain informational filings with the California Secretary of State. The specific reason for this suspension can be found by ordering a status report from the Secretary of State.

North County Venture Council was a nonprofit public benefit.

Angela Duffy
1402 Wright Place Ste 200
Carlsbad CA 92008
Registered Agent
Kevin Sternagle
5857 Owens Ave Ste 110
Carlsbad CA 92008