California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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North Capital Holdings
North Capital, Inc.
North Capricorn Ltd.
North Carbondale Minerals, Inc.
North Carolan Corporation
North Carolina Equities, Inc.
North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company
North Carolina Properties, Inc.
North Carolina Rsa No. 6, Inc.
North Carolina Stm, Inc.
North Carolina Tbc, Inc.
North Cascades Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
North Castle Investors, Inc.
North Catalina Homeowners Association, Inc.
North Center Parking Corporation
North Central America Soccer League
North Central American Youth Soccer League
North Central Avenue Homeowners Association
North Central California Houndmen's Association
North Central Chamber of Commerce, a Corporation
North Central Community Club of South San Francisco, Inc.
North Central Construction, Inc
North Central Construction, Inc.
North Central Consultants, Inc.
North Central Crop Insurance, Inc.
North Central Development Corp.
North Central Disposal, Inc.
North Central Home and Property Owners Improvement Association
North Central Life Insurance Company
North Central Limited
North Central Limited
North Central Neighborhood Association
North Central Oil Corporation
North Central Park Homeowners Association
North Central Realty, Inc.
North Central San Mateo Neighborhood Council, Inc.
North Central South, Inc.
North Central Sportsman Club
North Central Valley Dairy Herd Improvement Association
North Central Valley Dairy Women
North Central Volunteer Firefighters, Inc., a California Non-Profit Corporation
North Chang Jiang (U.S.A.) Group Inc.
North Chen Int'l Corp.
North Chester Drugs, Inc.
North Chico Athletic Association, Inc.
North Chico Kiwanis Club
North Chico Volunteer Fire Department
North China Appliance Technology University
North China Cargo Service Inc.
North China Garden Corp.
North China Inn, Inc.
North China University of Finance
North Church of the Nazarene, Sacramento, California
North Cinema, Inc.
North Cities Escrow Company, Inc.
North Cities Quilt Guild, Inc.
North Cities Roofing Inc.
North City Cab, Inc.
North City Chapel
North City Commercial Capital Inc
North City Coverall, Inc.
North City Enterprises, Inc.
North City Meats, Inc.
North City Property Associates, Inc.
North City Psychiatric Medical Group, Inc.
North City Psychological Group
North City Realty, Inc.
North City San Diego Transportation Management Association Network
North Clairemont Church of Christ
North Clairemont Little League
North Clairemont Square Merchants Association Incorporated
North Clairemont Thom Mcan, Inc.
North Clairemont United Methodist Church
North Clairemont United Methodist Church Foundation
North Clark Street Owners Association
North Cliff Properties International, Inc.
North Club Villas Homeowners Association
North Club Villas Homeowners Association, Inc.
North Coast Abalone Preservation Fund
North Coast Adjusting, Inc.
North Coast Adventure Centers, Inc.
North Coast Advertising, Inc.
North Coast Advisors, Inc.
North Coast Ag. Systems, Inc.
North Coast Air, Inc.
North Coast Alliance
North Coast Ambulance Inc.
North Coast Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc.
North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center
North Coast Aquatics, Inc.