California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Lakewood Owners Association
Lakewood Pan-American Cultural Association
Lakewood Pan-American Festival Parade, Inc.
Lakewood Pancakes, Inc.
Lakewood Pancakes, Inc.
Lakewood Parent Preschool, Incorporated
Lakewood Park Association
Lakewood Park Construction Co.
Lakewood Park Health Center, Inc.
Lakewood Park Mutual Water Company
Lakewood Park, Inc Which Will Do Business in California as Lakewood Park Management
Lakewood Park, Inc.
Lakewood Pathology Associates, Inc.
Lakewood Pathology Technical Services, Inc.
Lakewood Pediatrics Medical Group, Inc.
Lakewood Philharmonic Association
Lakewood Physicians Association Medical Group, Inc.
Lakewood Pipe Service, Inc.
Lakewood Pipeline Easement Corporation
Lakewood Players, Inc.
Lakewood Plaza Citizen's Improvement Association, Inc.
Lakewood Pop Warner
Lakewood Porcelain Studio, Inc.
Lakewood Post No. 496, the American Legion, Department of California
Lakewood Primary Care Medical Group, Inc.
Lakewood Project Shepherd
Lakewood Properties, Inc.
Lakewood Psychiatric Hospital, Inc.
Lakewood Publications Inc.
Lakewood Ranch Owners Association
Lakewood Rancho Estates No. 3 Corp.
Lakewood Real Estate Store, Inc.
Lakewood Real Estate, Incorporated
Lakewood Realty Mortgage & Investments, Inc.
Lakewood Rebekah Lodge No. 21, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Lakewood Regional Kidney Center, Inc.
Lakewood Regional Medical Center, Inc.
Lakewood Rent-All, Inc.
Lakewood Restaurants, Inc.
Lakewood Riding Academy, Inc.
Lakewood Rose Float Association
Lakewood Rose Float Association, Inc.
Lakewood Senior Living, Inc.
Lakewood Shores Homeowners Association
Lakewood Sportsmen's Club
Lakewood Station Inc.
Lakewood Steakhouse, Inc.
Lakewood Stone Associates, Inc.
Lakewood Studios, Ltd.
Lakewood Systems Inc
Lakewood Taxpayers' Association, Inc.
Lakewood Terrace Condominium Homeowners' Association
Lakewood Theatre Corporation
Lakewood This End Up,inc.
Lakewood Tile & Stone, Inc.
Lakewood Total Body and Wellness, Inc.
Lakewood Trade and Development Inc.
Lakewood Trading Corp.
Lakewood Travel Service, Inc.
Lakewood Triangle Merchants' Assn.
Lakewood Vendage
Lakewood Villa Homeowners Association
Lakewood Village Aquatic Club
Lakewood Village Baptist Church
Lakewood Village Comunity Church
Lakewood Village Homeowners Association
Lakewood Village Little League
Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association
Lakewood Village Pre-School, Inc.
Lakewood Village Residents Association
Lakewood Village Townhomes Homeowners Association
Lakewood Villas Apartments, Inc.
Lakewood Villas Homeowners' Association
Lakewood Villas Townhomes Homeowners' Association
Lakewood West, Inc.
Lakewood Westgate Homeowners Association
Lakewood Wholesale Nursery, Inc.
Lakewood Wilsons, Inc.
Lakewood Women's Club
Lakewood Youth Activites, Inc.
Lakewood Youth Athletic Association
Lakewood Youth Baseball Incorporated
Lakewood, Discount, Inc.
Lakewood, U.S.A., Inc.
Lakewood-Bellflower Citizens Committee, a Non-Profit Corporation
Lakewood-Cerritos Little League, Inc.
Lakewood-Denn, Inc.
Lakewood-Los Altos Parent Participation Preschool
Lakewood-Pacific Junior Football, Incorporated
Lakeworld Properties