California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Knights J3, Inc.
Knights Kearny Villa, Inc.
Knights Landing Assistance Service Inc.
Knights Landing Children's Center
Knights Landing Community Center, Inc.
Knights Landing Gas Co.
Knights Landing Lions Club
Knights Landing Outboard Club
Knights Landing Ridge Cut Water Users and Drainage Association
Knights Landing Sportsmen's Club
Knights Landing Volunteer Fire Department
Knights Leadership Fund
Knights Leather Products
Knights Library, Inc.
Knights Liquor of California, Inc.
Knights Little League Baseball, Inc.
Knights Lodging, Inc.
Knights Merchant Services, Inc.
Knights Motorcycle Club, Inc.
Knights of Avalon Full Contact Jousting Troupe
Knights of Basset Hound Rescue
Knights of Charity, Inc.
Knights of Christ
Knights of Columbus Camarillo Building Corporation, Inc.
Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.
Knights of Columbus Credit Union
Knights of Columbus Educational Program for Developmentally Disabled Children
Knights of Columbus Hall Association of Berkeley
Knights of Columbus Hall Association of Eureka
Knights of Columbus Hall Association of San Diego
Knights of Columbus Hall Association of Stockton
Knights of Columbus Home Association of San Francisco
Knights of Columbus Moreno Valley
Knights of Columbus Museum, Inc.
Knights of Columbus of Oxnard
Knights of Columbus San Francisco Council 615 Foundation, Inc.
Knights of Columbus San Gabriel Valley Chapter Charities, Inc.
Knights of Columbus St. Margaret Mary Foundation, Inc.
Knights of Columbus, Tracy Council 4041, Inc.
Knights of Columbus-Fr. Frederick J. Kass Council 3526
Knights of Good Productions, Inc.
Knights of Honor Social and Civic Club, Inc.
Knights of Humanity
Knights of Indulgence Theatre United States
Knights of Malta of California Clubs Inc., Yosemite Chapter
Knights of Malta of California. Clubs Inc. Mother Lode Chapter
Knights of Music Foundation, Inc.
Knights of Pythias Castle Association
Knights of Pythias Hall Association of Salinas City
Knights of Saint Francis of Assisi
Knights of San Carlos
Knights of San Diego
Knights of Sourcing, Inc.
Knights of St. Jude, Inc.
Knights of the Cross
Knights of the Desert Motorcycle Club
Knights of the Golden Horse Shoe an Honorary Historical Society
Knights of the Golden Rule
Knights of the Grape
Knights of the Holy Innocents
Knights of the King's Kingdom
Knights of the Red Branch, Inc.
Knights of the Road Sports Car Club, Inc.
Knights of Vartan, Inc. (Vantanantz Asbedner)
Knights Paladin Mc Ca
Knights Political Council, Inc.
Knights Tavern, Inc.
Knights Technology Incorporated
Knights Technology, Inc.
Knights Templar Educational Foundation of California
Knights Tractor Company
Knights Treasure, Inc.
Knights Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Knights Valley-Franz Valley Association
Knights' Building Corporation
Knights' Care
Knights' Catering, Inc.
Knightsbridge Advisers Incorporated
Knightsbridge Aesthetics Corp.
Knightsbridge Architectural Products, Inc.
Knightsbridge Associates
Knightsbridge Castle
Knightsbridge Castle Foundation for Financial Crime Research, Programs and Policy
Knightsbridge Catalogue, Ltd.
Knightsbridge Construction Company, Inc.
Knightsbridge Corp.
Knightsbridge Corporation
Knightsbridge Country Estates Owners' Association
Knightsbridge Design Group, Inc.
Knightsbridge Development Limited, a California Corporation