California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Inter-Space Component Systems, Inc.
Inter-Space Video Sales, Inc.
Inter-Spec, Inc.
Inter-Sport, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as the Athlete's Foot of S&m
Inter-Stake Business and Professional Men's Association of Long Beach
Inter-Star Systems Corporation
Inter-State Appraisal Schools, Inc.
Inter-State Assurance Company
Inter-State Automotive Products
Inter-State Business Forms
Inter-State Chamber of Commerce America
Inter-State Chemical Corporation
Inter-State Communications
Inter-State Composers, Authors and Publishers
Inter-State Corporate Services, Inc.
Inter-State Display Co.
Inter-State Export & Import, Inc.
Inter-State Fuel Systems, Inc.
Inter-State Masonry Construction, Inc., Which Will Transact Business in California as Washington Inter-State Masonry Construction, Inc.
Inter-State Mobilehome Services, Inc.
Inter-State Oil Co.
Inter-State P. R. P. Magazine Company, Inc.
Inter-State Pacific General Agency, Inc.
Inter-State Press, Inc.
Inter-State R.E. Brokerage, Inc.
Inter-State Scholastic Insurance Agency, Inc.
Inter-State Security, Inc.
Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
Inter-State Studio of Iowa, Inc.
Inter-State Unlimited
Inter-State Wholesale Distributors, Inc.
Inter-States Recycle, Inc.
Inter-States Telecom Incorporated
Inter-Struct, Inc.
Inter-Systems Insurance Services, Inc.
Inter-Tec Communications, Inc.
Inter-Tech Associates Inc.
Inter-Tech Construction, Inc.
Inter-Tech Consulting Services, Inc.
Inter-Tech Enterprises, Inc.
Inter-Tech Resources, Inc.
Inter-Tech Resources, Inc.
Inter-Tech, Inc.
Inter-Technical Pacific America, Incorporated
Inter-Technical Pacific, Inc.