California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Intergrated Computer Technology
Intergrated Computer, Inc.
Intergrated Concepts, Inc.
Intergrated Disinfection Technologies
Intergrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc.
Intergrated Financial Co. Which Will Do Business in California as Aquatic Dynamics
Intergrated Financial Controls Inc.
Intergrated Funding, Inc.
Intergrated Health Care, Inc.
Intergrated Metro Group Incorporated
Intergrated Micro Computers Corp.
Intergrated Resources, Inc.
Intergrated Sales, Inc.
Intergrated Satcom Technology Inc.
Intergrated Support Center, Inc.
Intergrated Talent Solutions
Intergrated Technical Solutions Inc.
Intergrative Psychotherapeutic Services
Intergreen, Inc.
Intergrite House Ministries, Inc
Intergrity Builders & Development, Inc
Intergrity World, Inc.
Intergro Resources, Inc.
Intergroup Central Office of Santa Clara County, Inc.
Intergroup Clearinghouse, Inc.
Intergroup Concepts
Intergroup Corporation Which Will Do Business in California as a Delaware Corporation-the Intergroup Corporation
Intergroup Financial Corp.
Intergroup for Planetary Oneness
Intergroup Labs
Intergroup Machinery Corporation
Intergroup Management, Inc.
Intergroup Medical Centers, a Medical Group, Inc.
Intergroup Planning Services, Inc.
Intergroup Relations Association of Northern California
Intergroup Summit Hills, Inc.
Intergroup Whisperwood, Inc.
Intergroup Woodland Village, Inc.
Intergroup, Inc.
Intergroup, Incorporated
Interguard Security Services, Inc.
Intergulf Construction Corporation
Intergulf Development (La Vita) Corp.
Intergulf Development (Redwood) Corp.