California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Inter-Continental Supply, Inc.
Inter-Continental Tours & Travel, Inc.
Inter-Continental Trading, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Inter-Continental Trading Group, Inc.
Inter-Continental Travel, Inc.
Inter-Counties Realty Company
Inter-Countries Corporation
Inter-Country Import Corporation
Inter-County Airport Management Services, Inc.
Inter-County Chambers of Commerce of Northern California
Inter-County Delivery Services
Inter-County Escrow Co.
Inter-County Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous
Inter-County Financial Services Corporation
Inter-County Mortgage Co.
Inter-County Properties Co.
Inter-County Properties Development, Inc.
Inter-County Service Corporation
Inter-County Title Co. Of El Dorado County
Inter-County Title Co. Of Nevada County
Inter-County Title Co., Tuolumne-Mariposa Division
Inter-County Water Company
Inter-Coup, Inc.
Inter-Creation of America, Inc.
Inter-Credit Corporation Doing Business in the State of California as I-C Corporation
Inter-Cultural Arts Exchange
Inter-Cultural Broadcasting System, Inc.
Inter-Cultural Education
Inter-Cultural Institute for Health and Healing
Inter-Cultural Social and Education Services, Inc.
Inter-Dem, Inc.
Inter-Denominational Clergy Council, Inc.
Inter-Denominational Full Gospel Church
Inter-Denominational Ministers Alliance
Inter-Denominational Non-Profit Christian Movement
Inter-Denominational Revival Center, Inc.
Inter-Dent, Inc.
Inter-Development Corp.
Inter-Dimension Circuits, Inc.
Inter-Disc, Inc.
Inter-Disciplinary Environmental Associates, Inc.
Inter-Disciplinary Institute of Applied Religion
Inter-Distribution Service, Inc.
Inter-District Visa Foundation
Inter-Dom, Enterprises, Inc.
Inter-Dominion Cattle Company