California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Intercommunity Alcohol Awareness, Inc.
Intercommunity Blind Center
Intercommunity Care Center, Inc.
Intercommunity Child Guidance Center
Intercommunity Child Guidance Center Foundation
Intercommunity Child Guidance Guild
Intercommunity Counseling Center, Inc.
Intercommunity Counseling Services
Intercommunity Development Company
Intercommunity Dialysis Services
Intercommunity Enterprises, Inc.
Intercommunity Family Medical Associates, Inc.
Intercommunity Financing Corp.
Intercommunity Foundation, International, Inc.
Intercommunity Good Shepherd Association
Intercommunity Health Associates, Inc.
Intercommunity Home Care Inc.
Intercommunity Hospital Construction, Inc.
Intercommunity Hospital Management, Inc.
Intercommunity Hospital Supply, Inc.
Intercommunity Improvement Society
Intercommunity Jewish Council
Intercommunity Memorial Hospital
Intercommunity Money Management, Inc.
Intercommunity Neonatology Medical Group, Inc.
Intercommunity Physical Therapy Services, Inc.
Intercommunity Radiology & Angiography Center, Inc., a Medical Group
Intercommunity Realty Company
Intercommunity Shelter Foundation, Inc.
Intercommunity Sports Alliance, Incorporated
Intercomp Agency, Inc.
Intercomp and Supplies Inc.
Intercomp Engines, by Van Dyne, Inc.
Intercomp Systems, Inc.
Intercomp, Inc.
Intercomp, Inc.
Intercomp, Inc.
Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference Association, Inc.
Intercompex Technology Inc.
Intercomponentware, Inc.
Intercompressor Disc, Inc.
Intercompressor Industries, Inc.
Intercomputer Communications Corp.
Intercomputer Communications Corporation