California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Inter-Agency Communications Network, Inc.
Inter-Agency Council
Inter-Agency Investigations, Inc.
Inter-Aid International
Inter-Airline Committee
Inter-Alia Corporation
Inter-Alliance Development Corporation
Inter-Allied Control System Corp.
Inter-Alpha Appliances, Inc.
Inter-Alpha U.S.A.,INC.
Inter-Am Manufacturing, Inc.
Inter-Am Supply, Inc.
Inter-America Agency, Inc.
Inter-America Capital Company
Inter-America Corporation
Inter-America Enterprises, Inc.
Inter-America Land Developers
Inter-America Medical Management, Inc.
Inter-America Products Inc.
Inter-America Shipping
Inter-America Soccer League
Inter-America Trading Company, Inc.
Inter-American Acceptance Corporation
Inter-American Advertising, Inc.
Inter-American Alliance for Environmental/educational Progress
Inter-American Art Products, Inc.
Inter-American Associates, Inc.
Inter-American Bearing Corporation
Inter-American Book Services, Inc.
Inter-American Chamber of Commerce
Inter-American Clothing Corporation
Inter-American Club
Inter-American Commercial Corporation
Inter-American Commodities, Inc.
Inter-American Communications, Inc.
Inter-American Consolidated Design, Inc.
Inter-American Construction, Inc.
Inter-American Development and Property Management
Inter-American Development Institute
Inter-American Distributors, Inc., Which Will Do Business in California as I & T International Distributors
Inter-American Education Foundation, Inc.
Inter-American Energy, Inc.
Inter-American Engineering, Inc.
Inter-American Enterprises, Inc.
Inter-American Enterprises, Incorporated, a California Corporation