California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Innisfree Pictures, Inc.
Innisfree, Inc
Inniskillin Napa Vineyards, Inc.
Inniss Physical Therapy, a Professional Corporation
Inniss/neilson Physical Therapy, Inc., a Professional Corporation
Inniva, Inc.
Innkeeper Associates Development Company
Innkeeper Associates, Inc.
Innkeeper Communication Systems, Inc.
Innkeepers Association of California
Innkeepers Design & Development, Inc.
Innkeepers Electronics, Inc.
Innkeepers Financial Corporation Ii
Innkeepers Financial Corporation Iii
Innkeepers Financial Corporation Iv
Innkeepers Financial Corporation V
Innkeepers Financial Services, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality Ii, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality Iii, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality Management Ii, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality Management, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality V, Inc.
Innkeepers Hospitality Vii, Inc.
Innkeepers Information Collection Center, Inc.
Innkeepers Management Co. Which Will Do Business in California as Hamark, Inc. Of Washington
Innkeepers Management Company, Inc.
Innkeepers Management Company, Inc.
Innkeepers Management Corporation
Innkeepers Management, Inc.
Innkeepers Marketing Corporation
Innkeepers Mortgage Co., Inc.
Innkeepers of America, Inc.
Innkeepers Properties, Inc.
Innkeepers Residence San Mateo, Inc.
Innkeepers Residence Sili I, Inc.
Innkeepers Residence Sili Ii, Inc.
Innkeepers Ri Northwest, Inc.
Innkeepers Supply Corporation
Innkeepers' Telemanagement & Equipment Corporation
Innkeepers, Inc.
Innley Medical Group, Inc.
Innmakers International Inc.
Innmakers of California, Inc.
Inno Age International, Inc.
Inno Aguib Inc.