California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Indoc Enterprises, Inc.
Indocal Corporation
Indocal Investments Inc.
Indocal, Inc.
Indocean Chase Capital Advisors, Inc.
Indochina Business Information Center
Indochina Culture and Development
Indochina Film Arts Foundation, Inc.
Indochina Fishery Aquaculture Joint Stock Company
Indochina Information Project
Indochina Investment & Trading Corp.
Indochina Media Network, Inc.
Indochina Medical Relief Fund Inc.
Indochina Mining Corporation
Indochina Petroleum Usa, Inc.
Indochina Resettlement Agency
Indochina Resource Center, Inc.
Indochina Restaurant Equipment Corp.
Indochina Services, Inc.
Indochina Tea Company, Inc.
Indochina Times, Inc.
Indochina Travel Services Inc.
Indochine Cafe, Inc.
Indochine Collection, a California Corporation
Indochine Imports, Inc.
Indochine Investments Corporation
Indochine Trading Group
Indochine, Inc.
Indochine, Inc.
Indochinese America Services Center
Indochinese American Cultural League
Indochinese Chamber of Commerce of San Diego
Indochinese Community Enterprise Usa, Limited
Indochinese Community in Sacramento, Inc.
Indochinese Friendship Association of South Bay Area
Indochinese Historic and Social Research Association
Indochinese Housing Development Corporation
Indochinese Management Service, Inc.
Indochinese Muslim Refugee Association of the United States
Indochinese Mutual Assistance Society
Indochinese News
Indochinese Refugee Employment Development Center
Indochinese Refugee Rescue Association
Indochinese Refugees Association in the South Bay Area
Indochinese Refugees Resettlement Association Corp.