California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Individual Practice Association Medical Group of Santa Clara County, Inc.
Individual Practice Association of Solano County Medical Corporation
Individual Practice Association of the Redwoods
Individual Production Services, Inc.
Individual Productions, Inc.
Individual Productions, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Individual Productions, Inc. Of Nevada
Individual Realty Corp.
Individual Return Service - Guardian Plan, Inc.
Individual Rights Foundation
Individual Rights Foundation, Inc.
Individual Sanitary Service Company
Individual Security & Holdings, Inc
Individual Security Systems, Inc.
Individual Security, Inc.
Individual Selective Insurance Services, Inc.
Individual Slenderizing Institute of San Diego
Individual Software, Incorporated
Individual Sport
Individual Style and Works
Individual Surety, Inc.
Individual Surety, Inc.
Individual Tax Consultants Corporation
Individual Tax Records
Individual, Inc.
Individualist Image Consulting Studio
Individualist Research Foundation, Inc.
Individualist's Press Corporation
Individualized Assets Management Corporation
Individualized Educational Psychology, Inc.
Individualized Events, Inc.
Individualized Gifts, Inc.
Individualized Instruction Association
Individualized Instruction Association North
Individualized Products, Inc.
Individualized Property Services, Inc.
Individualized Tours Inc.
Individually Designed Diets, Inc.
Individually Structured Educational Systems, Incorporated
Individually Tailored Medicine, Inc.
Individuals & Industries Incorporated
Individuals Against the Crime of Silence
Individuals Against the Crime of Silence
Individuals Car Club Corp.
Individuals Motivated to Provide Action, Committment and Time, Inc.
Individuals With Disabilities: Enabling Advocacy Link-Ideal