California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Independent Pentecostal Apostolic Religious Communication International of Churches, Incorporated
Independent Pentecostal Christian Church Temple of Light
Independent Pentecostal Church of San Diego
Independent Personnel Consultants, Inc.
Independent Petrochemical Corporation
Independent Petroleum N.L.
Independent Petroleum Resources, Inc.
Independent Petroleum Trading Company
Independent Petroleum, Incorporated
Independent Pharmaceutical Buying Group, Inc.
Independent Pharmacies
Independent Pharmacist's Association
Independent Phlebotomy Services, Inc.
Independent Physical Therapy, Inc.
Independent Physician Associates Medical Group, Inc.
Independent Physician Association of California
Independent Physician Billing, Inc
Independent Physicians Alliance Medical Group, Inc.
Independent Physicians Association, Professional Corporation
Independent Physicians Network
Independent Physicians of El Camino Hospital, Inc.
Independent Physicians of San Gabriel Valley
Independent Physicians Purchasing Association
Independent Pictures Corporation
Independent Pictures Inc.
Independent Pioneer Operators Association
Independent Pipe & Steel, Inc.
Independent Pipeline Inspection Services Inc.
Independent Piping Company
Independent Planners Network, Inc.
Independent Planning Benefits Corporation
Independent Planning Capital Corporation
Independent Planning Corporation
Independent Plumbing Supply
Independent Plumbing, Heating; And Cooling Contractors Association of Southern California
Independent Plus, Inc.
Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc.
Independent Pool Cars Inc
Independent Pool Service Association
Independent Pools Wholesale, Inc.
Independent Postal Services
Independent Power Associates, Inc.
Independent Power Kladno, Inc.
Independent Power Producers Association
Independent Power Providers
Independent Power Services, Inc.
Independent Practice Administrators of America, Inc.
Independent Practice Association of Mendocino and Lake Counties, Inc.
Independent Premium Finance Co.
Independent Presbyterian and Reformed Church, Inc.
Independent Press Association
Independent Printed Products
Independent Printing Company Incorporated
Independent Private Housing Assistance
Independent Processing Services, Inc.
Independent Processing Services, Inc.
Independent Producers Alliance
Independent Producers and Associates
Independent Producers Association
Independent Producers Group Inc.
Independent Producers Studio, Inc.
Independent Producers Syndication, Inc.
Independent Production Company of America "Ipca", Inc.
Independent Productions, Inc.
Independent Professional Management, Inc.
Independent Professional Network
Independent Program Sales, Inc.
Independent Programs, Inc.
Independent Project Management Administrators
Independent Projects, Inc.
Independent Promotions, Inc.
Independent Properties & Home Loan Services, Inc.
Independent Properties and Home Loans, Inc
Independent Properties Co.
Independent Properties Corporation
Independent Property Services, Incorporated
Independent Protective Order of Tail Draggers
Independent Psychotherapy Network Cooperative, Inc.
Independent Public Facilities Corporation
Independent Publishing Services, Ltd.
Independent Pulmonary Lab
Independent Quality Care, Inc.
Independent Quantum Group of America, Inc.
Independent Quick-Lube Cooperative Association, Inc.
Independent R We
Independent Radio Club, Inc.
Independent Ready Mix Concrete Producers, Inc.
Independent Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants, Inc.
Independent Real Estate Brokers
Independent Real Estate Brokers Association, Inc.