California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Independence Machine Tool, Inc.
Independence Management Service, Inc.
Independence Marine Services, Inc.
Independence Meat Market, Inc.
Independence Medical Group, Central California, Inc.
Independence Medical Supply, Inc.
Independence Medical, Inc.
Independence Mineral Ventures Company
Independence Mining Corporation
Independence Mining Corporation
Independence Mor. Co., Inc.
Independence Motorcycle Co.
Independence Mso, Inc.
Independence Network Inc.
Independence One Asset Management Corporation
Independence One Brokerage Services, Inc.
Independence One Capital Management Corporation
Independence One Financial Services, Inc.
Independence One Investment Group, Inc.
Independence One Mortgage Corporation Which Will Transact Business in California as Independence One Mortgage Corporation of Michigan
Independence Paging of California, Inc.
Independence Park Condominium Association
Independence Park Condominium Association
Independence Petroleum Company
Independence Pharmacy Inc.
Independence Physical Therapy, Inc.
Independence Picture Company, Inc.
Independence Planning, Inc.
Independence Plus, Inc.
Independence Plus, Inc.
Independence Power - Amr, Inc.
Independence Power, Inc.
Independence Private Patrol Corporation
Independence Productions
Independence Program Planners, Inc.
Independence Properties Inc
Independence Publishing, Inc.
Independence Rally, Inc.
Independence Real Estate Foundation
Independence Realty & Financial Corporation
Independence Realty Inc.
Independence Residential Facilities Inc.
Independence Resources Management, Inc.
Independence Savings and Loan Association
Independence Savings Bank
Independence Service, Inc.
Independence Silver Corporation
Independence Sober Living
Independence Solutions, Inc.
Independence Sportfishing, Inc.
Independence Square Housing Corporation, Inc.
Independence Square Propertyowners Association of Norwalk
Independence Technologies, Inc.
Independence Tennis Club Association, Inc.
Independence Through Athletics, Inc.
Independence Tray, Inc.
Independence Unlimited
Independence Unlimited, Inc.
Independence Village Homeowners Association
Independence Volunteer Fire Department
Independence Water Company
Independence Wheel Corp.
Independence Works, Inc.
Independence, Inc.
Independence-Los Angeles Homeowners Association, Inc.
Independence-Pacific Corp.
Independent & Interstate Logistics, Inc.
Independent 800 Association Inc.
Independent Acquisition, Inc.
Independent Actuarial Services, Inc.
Independent Acute Dialysis Services, Inc.
Independent Adjusters of California Corporation
Independent Adjusting Service of California, Inc.
Independent Administrative Services, Inc.
Independent Administrators, Inc.
Independent Adoption Center
Independent Advantage Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.
Independent Advantage Financial and Insurance Services, Inc.
Independent Advent Church of Los Angeles and Southern California
Independent Advertising Sales Corporation
Independent Advisor Technology Forum
Independent Advisory Corporation
Independent Advisory Services Inc.
Independent African Missions
Independent Agencies, Inc.
Independent Agent's Insurance Services Inc.
Independent Agents International, Inc.
Independent Aging Program
Independent Agribusiness Professionals Cooperative, Inc.
Independent Air Group Incorporated