California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Hospice Specialists, Inc.
Hospice Touch, Inc.
Hospice Volunteer Managers Association, Inc.
Hospice Way
Hospice Web Solutions Corporation
Hospice, a California Corporation,
Hospira Worldwide, Inc.
Hospira, Inc.
Hospital & Kitchen Installation & Service, Inc.
Hospital & Laboratory Instrumentation, Inc.
Hospital Acquisition 005, Inc.
Hospital Advocates, Inc.
Hospital Affiliates Development Corporation
Hospital Affiliates International, Inc.
Hospital Affiliates Management Corporation
Hospital Affiliates of California, Inc.
Hospital Affiliates of Florida, Inc.
Hospital Airtransport, Inc.
Hospital Alliance Association, Inc.
Hospital Amalgamated Shared Services Corporation
Hospital Ambulance
Hospital Ancillary Services Corporation
Hospital and Clinic Supplies Corporation, Inc.
Hospital and Commercial Plumbing, Inc.
Hospital and Institutional Equipment, Inc.
Hospital and Physicians' Collection Bureau
Hospital Assistance League, Incorporated
Hospital Associated Services
Hospital Associates, Inc.
Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
Hospital Association of Southern California
Hospital Audiences, Inc.
Hospital Audit Locust Inc.
Hospital Auditing Systems, Incorporated
Hospital Automated Laboratory Services
Hospital Baby Portraits, Inc.
Hospital Bajanor Marketing, Inc
Hospital Based Physicians, a Medical Corporation
Hospital Billing & Collection Service, Ltd.
Hospital Billing & Collection Service, Ltd.
Hospital Billing Analysis, Inc.
Hospital Billing Analysis, Inc.
Hospital Building Corporation Company
Hospital Business Services, Inc.
Hospital Cardio-Pulmonary Systems, Inc.