California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Healthsource of Van Nuys - a Division of Porter Chiropractic Inc.
Healthsource Pho of Sonoma County, Inc.
Healthsource Provident Administrators, Inc.
Healthsource, Inc.
Healthsource, Inc.
Healthsource, Inc.
Healthsouth Corporation
Healthsouth Imc Healthcare Centers
Healthsouth Network Services, Inc.
Healthsouth PM.C. Of Sacramento, Inc.
Healthsouth Properties Corporation
Healthsouth S.C. Of Huntington Beach, Inc.
Healthsouth S.C. Of Pinole, Inc.
Healthsouth S.C. Of Riverside, Inc.
Healthsouth S.C. Of San Diego, Inc.
Healthsouth S.C. Of Santa Monica, Inc.
Healthsouth S.C. Of Ygnacio Valley, Inc.
Healthsouth Surgery Center of San Buenaventura, Inc.
Healthsouth Surgery Centers-West, Inc.
Healthspace Usa Inc.
Healthspan Anti-Aging Medical Group, Inc.
Healthspan Health Care Services, Inc.
Healthspan Inc.
Healthspan International Foundation
Healthspan Rx, Inc.
Healthspan Sciences, Inc.
Healthspan Services Company Which Will Do Business in California as Healthcare Purchasing Partners
Healthspan, Inc.
Healthsphere Corporation
Healthspot, Inc.
Healthspring Acupuncture, Inc.
Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Healthspring Life & Health, Inc.
Healthspring, Inc.
Healthstaff Employment Services, Inc.
Healthstaff Pro Inc.
Healthstaff Training Institute, Inc.
Healthstaff, Inc.
Healthstaffers, Inc.
Healthstaffers, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as San Diegohealthstaffers, Inc.
Healthstaffline, Inc.
Healthstar Educational Systems, Inc.
Healthstar International, Inc.
Healthstar Laser Services, Inc.
Healthstar Network, Inc.