California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Fillmore Lumber Co. Inc. Ltd.
Fillmore Management Company
Fillmore Market, Inc.
Fillmore Marketplace Tenant's Council Corporation
Fillmore Mercantile Incorporated
Fillmore Merchandise Corp.
Fillmore Merchants and Improvement Association, Inc.
Fillmore Merchants Development, Inc.
Fillmore Missionary Baptist Church Corporation
Fillmore Mobile Homeowners Association of Eldorado
Fillmore Motors, Inc.
Fillmore Music Company
Fillmore Offset Realty, Inc.
Fillmore Oil Company, Ltd.
Fillmore Pancakes, Inc.
Fillmore Pipe Co.
Fillmore Piru Citrus Exchange
Fillmore Piru Optimist Club
Fillmore Plaza Development Corporation
Fillmore Post 9637 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
Fillmore Post No. 481, the American Legion, Department of California
Fillmore Public Improvement Corporation
Fillmore Ranch and Recreation Project
Fillmore Record Company
Fillmore Residents Incorporated
Fillmore Roping Club
Fillmore Search and Rescue
Fillmore Senior Center, Inc.
Fillmore Social & Civic Club
Fillmore Sound Track Company
Fillmore Street Property Owners' Association
Fillmore Sunrisers Rotary Club, Inc.
Fillmore Swim Association, Inc.
Fillmore Technology Group, Inc.
Fillmore Temple Association
Fillmore Theatrical Services
Fillmore Triangle Corporation
Fillmore Trucking Incorporated
Fillmore Union High School Scholarship Foundation
Fillmore Ventures Corp.
Fillmore Video, Inc.
Fillmore Volunteer Services, Incorporated
Fillmore West Entertainment, a California Corporation
Fillmore West Financial, Inc.
Fillmore West Inc.