California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Community Housing for Exceptional People, Inc.
Community Housing Foundation
Community Housing Foundation
Community Housing Improvement Program, Incorporated
Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association, Inc.
Community Housing Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Inc.
Community Housing Leadership Board of Fresno-Madera Counties
Community Housing Management Services
Community Housing Opportunities Corporation
Community Housing Options in Caring Environments, Inc.
Community Housing Options, Integrated Community, Employment and Social Services, Inc.
Community Housing Partners
Community Housing Partnership
Community Housing Preservation Corporation
Community Housing Professionals
Community Housing Redevelopment Agency
Community Housing Redevelopment and Management Resource
Community Housing Rehabilitation and Redevelopment Management Resource
Community Housing Reinvestment, Inc.
Community Housing Resource Board of Orange County
Community Housing Resources Center, Inc.
Community Housing Resources, Inc.
Community Housing Restoration
Community Housing Services, Inc.
Community Housing Solutions
Community Housing Solutions Corporation
Community Housing Sonoma County
Community Housing Trust of Monterey County, Inc.
Community Housing Works
Community Housing, Inc.
Community Housingworks Realty & Lending
Community Human Intelligence Programs
Community Human Services
Community Humanitarian Individual League Developer
Community Husk Corporation
Community Ibo Global Trade Inc.
Community Imaging Center of Whittier, Inc. Medical Group
Community Imaging Center, Inc.
Community Imaging Medical Group, Inc.
Community Impact 2000 Plus
Community Impact Consulting, Inc.
Community Impact Ministries
Community Impact, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Impact-West
Community Improvement Association
Community Improvement Association of America
Community Improvement Association, Inc.
Community Improvement Center, Inc.
Community Improvement Council
Community Improvement Council (Cic)
Community Improvement Council of San Fernando
Community Improvement League Foundation
Community Improvement Organization
Community Improvement Services
Community in Action Fathers and Sons Club
Community in Action, Inc.
Community in Christ Fellowship
Community in Focus
Community in Motion
Community in Support of the Gang Truce
Community Incentives for Teaching Excellence Foundation
Community Independent Laboratory, Inc.
Community Independent Living Skills Services
Community Independent Physicians Association, Inc.
Community Industrial Land Co., Inc.
Community Industrial Medical Enterprises, Inc.
Community Industrial Medical Group, Inc.
Community Industries
Community Industries of Santa Maria, Inc.
Community Informatics
Community Information and Resource Center
Community Information Center
Community Information Inc
Community Information Network
Community Information Network
Community Information Operatives, Inc.
Community Information Project
Community Information Project
Community Infusion Services, Inc.
Community Initiatives
Community Ink Publishers, Inc.
Community Ink, Inc.
Community Institute for Healthcare Equity
Community Institute for Psychotherapy
Community Institute for Rural Health Management, Inc.
Community Institutional Christian Church
Community Insurance, Inc.
Community Integrated Employment Development Services
Community Integrated Support Services, Inc.
Community Integrated Svs Inc.
Community Integrated Work Program, Inc.