California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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Center of Human Concern
Center of Indo-Us Dialogue Inc.
Center of Information Bilingual & Cultural, Inc.
Center of Intelligent Learning Agents, Inc.
Center of Islamic Guidance and Promulgation
Center of Justice and Order
Center of Lax Inc
Center of Life Illumination
Center of Life Ministries
Center of Light
Center of Love and Light Deliverance Temple Church, Inc.
Center of Love and Peace Incorporated a Children's Church
Center of Love Kingdom Ministries
Center of Love Shelter
Center of Manual Medicine, Inc.
Center of Medical Multimedia Education Technology
Center of Modern Medical Technology
Center of Motion Inc.
Center of Movement
Center of My Heart Daycare/pre-School, Inc.
Center of My Heart, Inc.
Center of New Concepts, Inc.
Center of Open Consciousness, Inc.
Center of Persian Language Preservation Corp.
Center of Praise Ministries
Center of Praise Ministries
Center of Praise Worship Center
Center of Progressive Education
Center of Psychic Philosophy, Inc.
Center of Refuge and Relief
Center of Rehab Excellence, a Physical Therapy Corporation
Center of Research and Exchange for Family Philanthropy
Center of Sino Culture
Center of Spirit International Fellowship
Center of Spirit, Inc.
Center of Spirituality
Center of Students Initiatives Inc.
Center of the Community, Inc.
Center of the Fifth Dimension
Center of the Heart
Center of the Holy Spirit, Inc.
Center of the Mystical Christ Church
Center of the Seven Gifts
Center of the Study of Drug Abuse
Center of the World Festival, Inc.
Center of the World, Inc.
Center of the World, Inc.
Center of the World, Inc. Which Will Do Business in California as Delaware Center of the World, Inc.
Center of Tools for Attitudinal Healing
Center of Truth Ministries
Center of Truth--Humanity Will
Center of Unlimited Possibilities
Center of Vision Enhancement
Center of Well Being, a Medical Center, Inc.
Center of-Faith-Hope-Love
Center Oil Transportation, Inc.
Center on Alcohol, Drugs and Disability (Cadd)
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Center on Deafness - Inland Empire
Center on Human and Global Safety
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Center on Organizing for Sucess, Inc.
Center on Policy Initiatives
Center on Poverty Law and Economic Opportunity, Inc.
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Center on Rebuilding
Center on Representative Governments, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
Center Orthopaedic Surgical and Medical Group, Inc.
Center Pacific Corporation
Center Paint and Hardware Co.
Center Park Investments, N.V.
Center Park Realty, Inc.
Center Parking Association of Palm Springs
Center Parking Corporation
Center Path Finders of the Marin Art and Garden Center
Center Paul, Inc.
Center Peak Financial Inc
Center Personnel Services, Inc.
Center Photo Lab, Inc.
Center Photo Lab, Inc.
Center Physicians' Medical Group, Inc.
Center Place Homeowners Association
Center Plumbing Co.
Center Point Assessment Solutions, Inc.
Center Point Capital Corp.
Center Point Career Institute, Inc.
Center Point Communications, Incorporated
Center Point Construction, Inc.
Center Point Development, Inc.
Center Point Enterprises, Inc.